Monday, December 17, 2007

A little Getaway

Thanks to Chris for watching the boys so I could get away this weekend! I had my own personal girl's weekend! I drove down to Orem on Saturday morning and went to lunch with Shannon at a little restaurant called Rumbi. I had never eaten there before and it was delicious! It was so fun to catch up with Shannon, too! (Thanks Adam for watching your little guy so we could have a girl's lunch-- next time we'll invite you!)

Next, I headed over to Wyview to meet my sister, Caitlan, who is a freshman at BYU. Caitlan is awesome and we had a really fun weekend together. Our first stop was Zurcher's, a party shop that made me start thinking about all sorts of parties I want to have! We found some hysterically awesome stuff-- man, I am laughing just thinking about it! We thought these holiday sunglasses were especially appropriate:

Our shopping spree continued at Wal-Mart, where we got in and out as quickly as possible. That place drives me nuts! The sunset was really cool, so Caitlan posed on some Wal-Mart shopping carts so we could get a good shot. We also tried IceBreakers Dragon Fruit gum, which is totally disgusting.

Next we headed to the BYU bookstore and Caitlan showed me some of the new stuff on campus. It is amazing how much it has changed in ten years! I bought a couple of non-BYU-themed Christmas gifts and Caitlan bought a book on kissing. The checker (Alex?) was really excited about Caitlan's purchase, and I still think she should try to set up a little practice session with him. Ha!

We decided to eat dinner at a tasty Japanese place. No, I didn't have sushi, but my tempura veggies were fabulous. Caitlan, brave girl, actually enjoyed her raw fish-- it was pretty, I admit.

After dinner, we went to the BYU v. Pepperdine basketball game, where we sent my poor hubby pictures of us in BYU gear via our cell phones. He really loved that. I should note that although I did wear one of Caitlan's BYU tee shirts and I clapped along with the band, I did refuse to do the Cougar roll.

In more cell phone fun, I laughed while Caitlan flirted via text message with a guy she has a crush on. I am a little too old to understand the whole texting thing, but it was funny to watch them send and receive messages. During the game, I also educated Caitlan on the existance of Mark Wahlberg and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Elise: Is he related to Mark Wahlberg?
Caitlan: Who is that?
E: What?! You don't know who Mark Wahlberg is?! Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch?!?
C: Huh?
E: You know, "Good Vibrations"? Mid-nineties stuff...
C: I was like, six.
E: Oh, yeah. Well.

When the game ended, we went to Baskin-Robbins, the very place where Chris and I went on our first date. I think I may have even ordered the same thing. Aw.

Caitlan had a headache, so she went to bed kind of early, but I stayed up with her cute roommates and gave them dating advice. Yes, it was solicited, I promise! I slept on their couch and went to church with Caitlan and her roommates the next day, then drove home to Logan. It was such a fun weekend-- thanks Caitlan!

This isn't really my news to post, but since many of you know my other sister Ann-Michelle, I have to tell you that she had her baby on Sunday! Ann-M was expecting her 4th girl and guess what-- she had a boy! The ultrasound tech was wrong, and the Freed girls now have a cute little brother! CONGRATS, Freeds!!


Emily said...

I love a good girls day! Those glasses are a hoot, I hope you bought them for your boys!

Thanks so much for the CD, my kids LOVE IT! They rock out to it every afternoon. It was espically nice when it came because it was raining and it perked them up a bit (yay, no more fighting.) A thousand thank-yous!

Justin and Amber Manwaring said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I think you're spoiled with all of the playing you get to do, though. Chris must really like you.
How exciting for your sister. Surprises are always fun!!

Becca said...

Dragon fruit gum? You ARE brave. I just got the cd, too. LOVE it. I'll admit that my favorite part is the alien pics of your boys on the front . . . you are so talented, Elise!

Elena said...

Sweet glasses!!! I can't believe your sis had a boy. How fun is that. Maybe there is hope for Katie after all. :)

becky ward said...

Let me guess...Gold Medal Ribbon!? That sounds like so much fun.

Todd said...

YEAH! I heart Mark Walberg- I like that he now recognizes his skin color for what it is- and I have to confess a slight infatuation! A-M
You and Cait look so dang cute!