Friday, December 07, 2007

Dashing through the snow

Whew, it's been a crazy week! Do I say that too much? Probably! Well, the good news is that some changes are coming in the Hansen family life, which will hopefully equate to slowing things down a bit and breathing a little deeper. Just thinking about taking a deep breath feels relaxing, doesn't it?

Not that I mind staying busy with fun things! It's the running to and fro between the fun things and the grocery shopping that I could do without! :)

Anyway, last Saturday, we went down to Salt Lake (where it was snowing like crazy!) to meet up with Adam, Shannon and cute Collin for a tasty lunch at TGI Fridays and a trip to the aquarium. It was so fun to hang out with these guys-- Collin is a hoot and is one of the cutest little boys ever!

Regretably, I only took a few shots at the aquarium. The boys were having so much fun running around that I didn't want to interrupt to take pictures. Plus, truth be told, I was suffering from a little bit of camera envy-- Shannon is an actual photographer (her stuff rocks-- check out Shannon Petersen Photography) and her camera puts my battered point-and-shoot to shame! I think Santa's got me pretty well covered, but maybe the Late Winter Fairy will consider my request for a new camera? I've got my eye on this one. What, you've never heard of the Late Winter Fairy?

Hopefully Shannon got a few more pictures than I did!

One of the best things about the aquarium are the touch pools. The boys loved having a hands-on experience. I, on the other hand, prefer to keep mine clean and dry!

Chris was not afraid of grabbing the stingrays by the tail-- until he saw the sign that said not to, of course. Oops!

Petersens, we had a great time with you!

Sadly, our day was cut short when Thomas began complaining about what would turn into a three-day migraine and fever. We had been planning to visit Grammuh and Grampuh while we were in town, but had to head home to take care of Tom. We're so sad that we missed you! Luckily, we'll be back in just a couple of weeks for holiday celebrations with cousins and cousins!

Since we were home so early, I decided to head out to do a little Christmas shopping in Logan. What a nightmare! It was snowing, and all of Logan's crazies (and probably Franklin County, ID's, too) were out and about. I didn't really find anything fantastic and I was nearly hit by a car, so the whole ordeal reaffirmed my belief in online shopping.

To save the night, Christy and I decided to go to Logan's new movie theatre and see Enchanted-- one of the cutest and most fun movies I have seen in a long time! I loved, loved, loved it-- it's one I'll definitely buy when it comes out. Go and see it-- it is such a fun movie! Thanks for a fun girls night, Christy!

I have some more updates from this week, so you may even hear from me again today. Oh what fun...


Todd said...

The Late Winter Fairy is on the same board of wish-giving as the labor fairies- I vote yours exists if you will believe in mine!! I love all the fun things you do with your family- a model group to copy for sure!! A-M

becky ward said...

Sounds like a great time! Oh what fun to see Adam again. And, I am so with you on the movie Enchanted. We went and saw it during Thanksgiving break with all my Carter. Loved it too!

Elena said...

I loved, loved, loved Enchanted too. So great! And hasn't Chris heard of Steve Irwin's death!!! Just kidding, I love the touch pools too. Sounds like a fun time, minus the crazies that come out and about this time of year. I just ordered my final UPS delivery today. Just stocking stuffers left for me. HOORAY!

Emily said...

Sounds like busy busy over at the Hansen family house. We have been feeling the stress too-- there is a major job change in the works and boy is it stressful!

Hope the Winter Fairy grants your wish!

Christy said...

(In a singsong voice) "How does she know that you love her? Everybody wants to live happily ever after!"

shannon said...

we had so much fun with you guys also...i am uploading photos as we speak! can't wait for dinner parties!

Emily said...

yeah, what changes? You know us, always on the lookout.