Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer fun in SLC

We had such a fun weekend hanging out with Chris's family in Salt Lake City! His sister, Emily and her family were visiting from Fort Collins, CO, and his brother's wife, Amanda and son Tyler, were visiting from Milwaukee, WI, and we were thrilled to see everyone! (We did miss Heidi & fam, and Andy, who stayed in WI.) I always love it when cousins get together.

Our first stop was Grammuh and Grampuh's pool-- the perfect place to be on a hot Saturday! We had a couple of fun surprises: first, we tried some water wings on Gordon and he absolutely loved them. It was so hilarious to me to watch his tiny little body kicking around the pool. He really got the hang of it and I think he enjoyed the independence. I enjoyed not having to hold onto him the whole time! The second surprise was trying snorkel masks on the boys-- and them loving the masks! Both boys wanted to wear the masks almost the entire time. Thomas especially loved being able to see under water. So cute!!

Be sure to visit Grammuh's blog for a cute video of the kids-- including our little Gordy-fish!

Next up, Gramm and Gramp treated our family and Amanda and Tyler to a fun trip to the Museum of Ancient Life (ie: The Dinosaur Museum) at Thanksgiving Point. The Dinosaur Museum is always a big hit with the kids-- especially since they can run around pretty freely and there are plenty of hands-on activities. Aside from a small episode from the one kid who is old enough to behave himself (Thomas), it was a really fun trip.

Despite his one incident, Thomas really is a great kid to have around. He was so cute with Tyler-- look how cute they are going into the museum together!

I really don't blame the giant shark at all-- these boys do look sweet enough to eat!

Three cute and mischievous little guys: Tyler, Gordon & Tom

After the museum, we gave Chris and Gary a break from the kids so they could enjoy some sushi in peace. The girls went back to the house and enjoyed some tastiness from Cafe Rio... so yum! What a great way to end a great day!


becky ward said...

I love the picture of Gordon and his cousin in front of the shark. So cute. Looks like a fun museum. I will have to try some little swimmer wings on Owen. I wonder if he would enjoy it as much.

Todd said...

Looks like fun. The swimming pool looks just like the one that we used over the 4th holiday at the Flatlands new house. Those pools are awesome! We want to get one. Did you guys try running in the same direction to create a whirlpool ?

Marilyn said...

Let's try the whirlpool thing the next time you guys are at our house!!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

What cute pictures of our boys. It was so fun to see the cousins playing together and having so much fun. Someday we will live closer together- I hope.