Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our Independence Day

It must be a rare person who has lived in Idaho Falls for any number of years who does not like the 4th of July. Growing up, the 4th in Idaho Falls was one of my favorite holidays, so it was a great pleasure to take my family there this year.

The fun times really started on Tuesday night, when we drove up to visit the Flatlands in Pocatello after Chris got off work. We met up with my family and some friends for a night of games-- well, night and morning if you consider the fact that we stayed up playing until 4AM! Incidentally, we missed the Idaho Falls parade the next morning. We had a great time at the Flatland home, and even got to try the Wii (see below).

After a fun morning of bowling (I scored a 171, thank you very much), we drove up to Idaho Falls to hang out with my family. Nonny and Bob are there now, so we took advantage of their hospitality and took the boys swimming at the pool at the RV Park. We knew they would have a blast, but we were all surprised at how much Thomas loves the water. I guess it's time to try swimming lessons again! It was very hot outside, so swimming was a perfect activity for the afternoon. Here are a couple of cute clips of our little jumping boys.

After swimming, Chris went to the movies with Todd Freed, my dad and sister. I'll try to get him to post a movie review tomorrow, or at least write one that I can post. Meanwhile, my mom, Nonny and I took the boys for a walk around the river. It was uncomfortably hot and not as shady as we would have liked, and we were all glad to finally make it back to the car.

We met up with Chris a little later and enjoyed a delicious dinner with Nonny and Bob back at their RV. Chris and I then took the boys to Freeman Park where we met the Freed Family to watch the fantastic fireworks show.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a decent picture of this little fam...

Todd and Ann-Michelle trying to look excited...

Even though the real highlight of the night was the amazing fireworks show, the close runner up were these funny blue light sticks that the kids got at the park. Our kids are still fighting over them!

We really had such a great time this year! I am sad that I really didn't run into anyone I knew in IF, but I think that just speaks to planning those run-ins better! Happy Independence Day!


Marilyn said...

Lucky! Our Independence Day was BOR-ING. Our weekend looks pretty dang good, though! Can't wait to see those little swimmers in our pool!

Elena said...

No doubt about it!! Idaho Falls is the BEST when it comes to the 4th of July!!

Jen and Bryan said...

I love that there are videos on there! How in the world do you do that? I need to be more computer saavy like you! What a cute patriotic family!

becky ward said...

Looks like you pretty much had the pool to yourselves. How fun! And what a great family shot. Wish we could have meet up. I tried calling your folks house to track you down but no one answered. ): Hope to catch up with you soon.