Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grand Teton National Park

After our bison adventures, we went into Grand Teton National Park and went on a short walk near Jenny Lake. The boys-- and I mean all four of them-- had a great time skipping rocks (or throwing them, at least) on the lake. I guess they never really grow out of that fascination!

The kids had such a great time climbing all over the rocks, trees, and, of course, Bob. He's a good sport!

After a tasty brunch, we took a boat ride across Jenny Lake. It was turning into a very warm day, so being on the water was a perfect escape.

I love this picture of Gordon and Bob!

On the other side of the lake, we went on the short hike to Hidden Falls. I've been on this hike many times and I was reminded how much I really enjoy hiking. Chris carried Gord on his shoulders much of the way, so I think he was a little bit tired by the time we were finished. I think every family who goes on this hike has the same picture.

Maybe it's because Grand Teton is the National Park I've visted most in my lifetime, but it really is my favorite one. The Tetons are incredible and I love that every time I go, I have a different adventure.

Thank you, Nonny and Bob, for such a fun weekend! We were sad to leave, but we're sure we'll head up to Jackson and Grand Teton National Park again soon.


The Myers Family said...

You guys sure know how to have fun!!!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I haven't been to the Tetons in years, I forgot how beautiful it is.