Friday, July 06, 2007

Not much more than meets the eye

A movie review by Chris

After six months of anticipation, I finally got to see the movie based on my favorite childhood toys ... Transformers.
I am not recommending this movie to anyone. Unless they are willing to sit through 2 hours of mediocrity to see about 10 minutes of really cool stuff. Explanation: The majority of the film, the human story and even the parts with the robots fighting and talking and walking around, was a disappointment. When the transformers actually transformed, I was blown away. Even the sound was really cool. There was a lot of inappropriate stuff too. I know there was some controvery over the rating but I didn't expect it to be due to nastiness, if you know what I mean. So, basically, the movie was a let down except for the transforming ... and there were two A-10 Warthogs in the movie and I have always loved those. They are just the meanest things on the planet and in my opinion the reason no army will ever fight the U.S. in the open ever again. Just this insurgency hide and seek stuff ... an I.E.D. here, a suicide bomber there. Warthogs. So cool.

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becky ward said...

What showing did you see? Kevin and Ben went and saw it on the 4th too. I wonder if you were at the same show. Anyway, they were quite entertained by it--loving the sound effects and the way the bots transformed. Boys!