Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby-dom's last frontier

We knew it was coming. We discussed it last week. Chris said he would take care of it. Sure enough, on Tuesday, I came home from work to find this:

That's right, the crib is gone! Gordon is now the excited inhabitant of the bottom bunk. Naturally, he has already discovered a way to scale up to the top bunk, even without the ladder, but has not been quite as successful in finding his way down, except by yelling, "Mom! Mommy! Mom! Momma-momma-momma-mom-mom-mommy...." you get the idea. Fortunately, has has, for the past two nights at least, been obedient at night when I tell him to stay in his own bed.

I realize that Gordon has just one more babyhood milestone to cross before he can call himself a full-fledged kid, but potty training is going to have to wait!


Todd said...

Bunk beds are sweet! Dallis and Hadley actually prefer the bottom bunk on their bed.

becky ward said...

Hooray! I bet Gordon loves his new freedom.

Elena said...

Oh boy! It sure doesn't last long enough does it. You are braver than me, I am NOT ready to move Kate out of the crib.

Marilyn said...

I've got all the fabric for the quilt now. I just need to finish Garrett's quilt and I can start on Elizabeth's and Gordon's! Whew!!

The Myers Family said...

It's funny that all of David's younger cousins (within his age group, of course) have graduated to big boy beds while he continues to snooze in his crib (and in a sleepsack, too)! His day will come eventually.

Congrats to Gordon! He's growing up quickly!