Thursday, May 03, 2007

Update on Tom

I know that this is such a sad-looking picture, but Thomas was really not as upset as he looks! We just had to keep him awake from midnight on (this picture was taken at about 8:00 AM) and he was dog tired. Sweet little bub.

So, here's what we know: Tom's EEG and bloodwork came back normal. This means that his fainting episode was not caused by low blood sugar, anemia, or epileptic seizures. This is good news! Chris and I are still feeling a bit uneasy about the whole thing, however. The doctor's office called tonight and agreed that we still need to check a few different areas and this includes an ECG that I need to schedule tomorrow. Luckily, both the EEG and ECG are non-invasive procedures, so our needle-hating kiddo has nothing to worry about.

Additionally, Tom's fantastic kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Anderson, is going to keep an eye on Tom and keep a count of how many "spacing out" episodes he has during a given time during school. Chris and I will also document any time he has migraine symptoms and anything else that seems abnormal. We're hoping that being more diligent about identifying the frequency of his symptoms will either lead us to a diagnosis, or show us that they don't really exhibit as much as we think.

At this point, I feel like we're making the best possible steps. Thomas, meanwhile, went back to school today and is just as sweet and bouncy as ever!


Marilyn said...

You guys are the greatest parents! Tom is one lucky little boy. (and a VERY sweet one, too, I might add.)

Elena said...

Oh that is the most pathetic picture ever!! What a little cutie!! Katie's little girl was having migrane symptoms a while back and they did an MRI or maybe it was a CT scan, and determined it was something with her sinuses. (I hope I am remembering that correctly.) Anyway, it's just an idea for you. I am glad to hear the first tests when well. What a trooper!

The Myers Family said...

That sure is a cute picture of Tom. He is such a good sport. We're glad he's doing well under the circumstances! I am reminded of anxious times I had with my kids at different times--Sophie's heart murmur and later tummyaches (she DID have to have blood taken--but she braved it well!) and Audrey's biopsy. It's hard to see these kids go through tough stuff and to have to worry about them. Hang in there!

Kristine said...

Glad that things are looking positive so far, but hope you can get some answers!! What a trooper he is!