Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend-- Part II

Chris had to work on Saturday, so I spent the day working in the yard. I actually removed all of those hideous white rocks from the rose bed in the front, fertilized the plants, and pulled a bunch of weeds from the grass with my trusty Weed Hound. I would not claim to have a green thumb by any means, but I did find a certain "communing with the earth" kind of joy in working in the yard. See below to see a picture of the first rose of the season, fresh from my back yard.

Since the weekend was only half over, we decided to head down to Salt Lake on Sunday. We went with Gary and Marilyn to Marilyn's parents' graveside, then to Sugarhouse Park. The kids loved playing in the park, particularly Gordon, who likes to chase the ducks.

On Monday, Chris woke up bright and early to drive up Millcreek Canyon and secure a picnic site. The rest of us joined him a little later and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast prepared by Marilyn and Chris. We love the breakfast in the Canyon tradition!

The boys loved playing in the canyon. Both of them love to find rocks to throw in the water. It's a boy thing!

After breakfast, we got ready and went to Liberty Park. We were a little bit bummed that the water wasn't working in the "Seven Canyons Fountain", but we quickly got over the disappointment when Gramm and Gramp treated us to some tasty treats. There's nothing like a little junk food to brighten your day!

The boys and Gramm and Gramp rode some of the rides at Liberty Park. Gordon loved the Farris Wheel and the little cars, and Thomas loved every ride! (Blogger is being a bit stingy on my picture uploading tonight, so I'll have to post those pictures later). Tom and Gord sure love their grandparents!

We had a very busy, but very fun weekend. We're grateful to our families on both sides for hosting us! ♥


Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend. I miss those breakfasts up the canyon-yummy food, good company, and beautiful scenery.

Elena said...

Your breakfast tradition sounds like a lot of fun. Do you all just meet up there and bring the food to cook? Maybe we'll run into you one of these weekends when you're in I.F!

The Myers Family said...

You really did live it up this weekend! And all I did was bake Pillsbury flag cookies (the kind of dough that's pre-shaped--just "place and bake") Yawn...

Marilyn said...

You forgot to mention how ANCIENT the rides at Liberty Park are. Good, good times.

becky ward said...

Great traditions! Sounds/Looks like alot of fun. We have got to try to get together again sometime soon.