Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Grief!

Ugh... I have been meaning to blog for a few days now and I've just been swamped! Being a working mom has been difficult for me lately and, without whining about it, I'll just say that I'm very tired. Fortunately, Chris and I are off to Paradise (ie: Hawaii!) with Gary and Marilyn in less than three weeks and the vacation really could not have come at a better time! I need a break!!

In the meantime, I am (barely) managing to keep myself afloat with my every day life. I received a sweet e-mail from a dear friend who had been away from her family for a few days on a vacation with a friend. She talked about how she enjoyed being away and getting reconnected with herself, and how overwhelmed with love for her family she felt on her return. She described seeing her children again and how she "couldn't stop squeezing their bodies, and cheeks and lips". I read the e-mail at work and couldn't help tear up a bit when I thought about my own little guys and their loveable little selves. I felt grateful for the reminder.

Last week, Gordon turned two, and now he is busy showing us exactly what that means. In the past week, Gord has:
1. Thrown a full blown temper tantrum (with kicking and screaming included) at my office
2. Told Chris "No Kidding" when Chris said it was time for a nap
3. Decided that the best way to swing on his new swingset is on his belly with his arms outstretched like Superman (it also helps if Mom pushes, but running between swings will suffice)
4. Volunteered to say bedtime prayers every night
and 5. Given me a hug and said "Love you, Mommy" (Sounds like "Luboo, Mommy")

And finally, a little shot of said two-year-old's backside. I am a very big fan of clothing, but between getting Gordon out of the tub and putting Tom in, Gordon escaped and tried to hide from me. He "hid" for long enough for me to grab the camera and take this funny picture before giggling and trying to hide somewhere else. I love that he thinks that since he can't see me, I can't see him. I eventually caught up with him and he is now fully jammied and sound asleep upstairs.

As for me, I'm off to do the same!


Elena said...

Seriously, it's all about survival mode at this house too! Must be something in the air. Can't wait to hear all about Hawaii. We get to go in September!! So this will be a great pre-show for me. And Gordon is too cute!

The Myers Family said...

Can't wait to hear all about Hawaii--it's hard to leave the kids at first (from my experience) but fun to get away and enjoy time as a couple, and fun for the kids to hang out with grandparents. Gordon is such an adorable little rascal! David gets a big kick out of seeing him and Thomas!

Emily said...

We've left Abby once for a movie. That was hard. But I'm sure you and Codeeto will have a great time!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Little Gord is so adorable. That pic of him in the engineer hat could be in a magazine it is so cute. I am so excited for you guys to enjoy Hawaii without kids, and you will be so anxious to se them when the trip is done.

becky ward said...

You certainly deserve a vacation. Hawaii sounds like a wonderful way to wind down. Gord is such a cutie.