Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend in Idaho Falls

We spent Mother's Day weekend up in Idaho Falls with my family. Caitlan had her Commencement Dance on Saturday night and I was the designated photographer. Her dress was so lovely and she just looked like a princess, so I didn't really have a hard job!

The kids managed to get amazingly dirty (think Pig Pen dirty) playing in the "pit" in my parents' backyard. Eventually this will be some sort of water structure, though I think the kids actually enjoy it more as a huge hole that they can roam in and out of. They really had so much fun, I'm considering digging a pit in my backyard.

Or not. Maybe this is more of a Grandpa's house kind of thing...

On Mother's Day, we enjoyed talking to my brother, Jake, who is serving an LDS Mission in Vladivostok, Russia. My brother-in-law, Todd Freed, served in the Ukraine and speaks Russian, so we all got to enjoy hearing a Russian conversation on speakerphone. Jake has been out almost 18 months now-- wow, how the time flies! He's doing really well there and is loving every minute of it.

It took us about an hour to get Jake on the phone-- apparently he had given us a wrong country code or something-- but Chris and Todd saved the day and figured it out. My mom said that this was the best Mother's Day gift she could have received!

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Kristine said...

Love the photography, Elise! Looks as though you had a wonderful weekend! Your sister looks adorable, too!