Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Madness

It's March 1st and we can already feel the madness creeping in at our house. Tonight we had the pleasure of Chris hanging out at home with the boys and me for a bit while waiting for the Utah State Aggie's to finish up their game. Lucky for the Ags, they'll be making the front page tomorrow-- with a huge win over 9th ranked Nevada in overtime. Love it!

Chris has been reading his favorite college basketball book, My Life on a Napkin, by former Ute coach, Rick Majerus. He reads this book every year at this time, and it's always a signal to me to start thinking in terms of brackets.

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to college hoops this year (the Utes have had a bad season), but I'm considering that an advantage coming into tournament time. The first year I filled in my own bracket, I thought the Sweet Sixteen was some kind of birthday party, and after the first round I had more right guesses than wrong. Of course, by the time the Final Four came around, I was completely out (I love Cinderellas-- maybe too much). Ahh... that was fun, just using all that March lingo. Hee hee.


Marilyn said...

Gary has been TOTALLY out of the loop when it comes to college hoops but we'll see when it's time for the real deal. He talks big, but he is a sucker when it comes to sports - like son like father (almost).

Elena said...

Sheesh! Seriously that was like another language to me. Way to know your March lingo!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Andy has sucked me into the fun of March madness too. We are excited to watch the Wisconsin Badgers this year since Utah is not very fun to watch lately.