Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wild Child(ren)

Since we had Chris here tonight, we let the boys stay up almost an hour later than normal. The result: they were totally wired! I tried to take a video of Gordon jumping across the room, but the presence of a camera tends to ruin those moments. Take my word on it, though, it's hilarious.

Chris tried to take some pictures of the boys and me... you can see how well that turned out!

A conversation with Thomas (with pictures):

T: "Mom, what is this for?" (pointing to Buzz's belt buckle)
M: "It's just his belt buckle. It's just for decoration."
T: "Decoration? Oh."
M: "Give me a big smile!"
T gives one of his cheezy fake smiles.
M: "No, a real one!"
T: "Don't take any more pictures of me!"

Gordon could not get enough of climbing all over Chris tonight. He loves his fun daddy!!


Marilyn said...

Cute little stinkies! Maybe you should get a "Maeve". Did you find your pants?

The Myers Family said...

Can't wait to get "wild" with all of you next week! See you soon...

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

I love those fun nights when the family is together and everyone is happy and playful. Tyler was excited to see the boys in their pajamas that are just like his.

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Chris' hair looks ugly.
- Andy