Monday, January 29, 2007

We ♥ Grammuh's House!

There is a reason why the very mention of going to Salt Lake and "the Brown House" will put a beaming smile on Thomas's face. When we're there, the boys are treated like little princes by none other than their doting Gramm and Gramp.

During this fun visit, the boys enjoyed a toy-filled tub, followed by Grammuh's assistance in a fun game of chase. Thomas runs around and around, while Gramm carries Gordon to find him. As you can imagine, a lot of gleeful screaming ensues! Poor Grammuh was probably worn out long before she stopped playing with them, but they all seemed to have such a great time. When Thomas asked when we were going back, he put it, "How many minutes?"


Elena said...

I just love tub pictures! Kids are so cute in a bath, too bad the cuteness goes away when you get old! :) (No tub pictures of me!!!)

Marilyn said...

I wish they were here everyday - I would get enough of a workout to look as great as you!

becky ward said...

What a fun grandma!