Sunday, January 28, 2007

A fun weekend in SLC

We spent a great weekend in Salt Lake City! We drove down on Saturday morning and I left the boys and met Amy Harrington and Laurie Hamer, girlfriends from BYU, for lunch. We had a very tasty lunch at Pei Wei, followed later by yummy Maggie Moo's, and just spent the afternoon catching up. It was so great to see these girls! I love them!!!

Meanwhile, the boys visited the Planetarium for the umpteenth time (thank you Grammuh and Grampuh!) and had a yummy lunch at McGrath's. See Marilyn's coverage of the boys, including a hilarious video of Chris and Gordon.

Later that night, we put the boys to bed and watched some fun back episodes of Monk and hung out at my in-laws. Gary is a great photographer and took this picture of Chris and me in our jammies. Aw!

Speaking of Gary the photographer, he downloaded a bunch of his digital pictures taken over the last year and gave me a CD of some of me. There were some that I hadn't seen before, so it was great to see! It's also fun to get some pictures of myself, since most of the time I'm on the other side of the camera. Anyway, I love this one of my sweet Gordon and me, so I thought I'd share. Thanks again, Gary!


becky ward said...

Adorable pictures! How fun to see Amy on your blog. You both look great!

Elena said...

That is a way cute picture of mommy and baby. Glad you put it on.

Elena said...

p.s. That was one "dainty" bite Chris took in the video! That was pretty funny.