Thursday, March 31, 2011

My favorite

We're back from a too short but very fun trip to California-- and yay, Chris comes home tomorrow!!  It's too late in the evening to write much about our trip, so I'll just post my favorite picture of the last week:  cousins.

Did you know that I don't actually have a single biological cousin?  It's true-- neither of my parents have nieces or nephews and my grandparents' only grandchildren are my siblings and me.  I think this may be a pretty sweet benefit from the spoiled grandchild perspective, but I do kind of wish I had the fun cousin relationships that my kids have.  They love their friends and they love each other (mostly), but they really, really, really love their cousins.  It is always so fun to watch them interact-- they are best friends with the benefit of being related.  Even though I don't have my own cousins, seeing these cute kids together makes up for it.


Sherrie said...

Glad you made it home safely. I love cousins too. Mine happen to be crazy (black jack dealer, recovering alcolholic, and tatoo artist) but my kids cousins are priceless.

Elena said...

I did NOT know that about you! That is truly fascinating. I thought it was strange that I only have 9 cousins total. But then again, I'm comparing myself to the Manwarings who have 9 million.

Becca said...

Whoa, no biological cousins? What kind of Mormon are you?

I love my kids playing with their cousins, too. Built-in friends. And they only get nicer as they get older. Sweet.

Did you do anything California-y while you were there?

Becca said...

PS- Sherrie, whoever you are, I love your profile pic.

becky ward said...

glad you made it back safe. hope we get to "hear" more about your trip. cousins are so great! what a cute picture. and it is crazy that you don't have any.

Elise said...

Bec, I'm sure you'd love Sherrie in real life, too-- in fact, I think I've quoted you two to each other. ;)

Neither of my parents come from Mormon pioneer stock, so we're missing those generations of large familes in our family tree. Luckily, my parents have six kids, so we're working on it.