Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Sunday update

Hooray!  Another week down-- only two to go!  Here's another late Sunday night post for our travelin' man.  :)

This week seemed to go by much faster than last-- a good thing, for sure.  We've kept busy with meetings and lessons and birthday parties and a visit to the vet.  Murray caught some kind of rodent in the back yard, an experience that both pleased and disgusted me.  Thomas beat Bowser on Super Mario Galaxy, and Gordon asked if we can go on a ride in a blimp for his birthday in May.  Except for missing Chris, it was a pretty good week.

Last week, I brought a box of clothes labeled "Neil < Gordon" inside and we've been having fun discovering some old/new clothes for Neil.  I'm not really an obsessive name-brand shopper, but I do have to say that getting out these hand-me-downs does put some of those more expensive brands in a good light.  There are a few items that belonged to Thomas and are still in good enough shape for Neil to use.  Putting on all of these three-year-old clothes does make baby Neil look like such a big boy, too!

Our favorite discovery from that box are these little green fuzzy sleepers that Gordon got for Christmas one year.  They zip all the way up the front and have little footies and all three boys think they're hilarious.  Most of Neil's pajamas are those snug-fitting two-piece sets, so this full-body style is something new.  I tried to get some cute pictures of Neil in his new jammies, but he wasn't having any, so instead, I took a bunch of pictures of him whining at me.  I'm a mean mom.  :)

You can see that he finally gave up and just stuck his tongue out at me.

Gord had a fun week and has been running back and forth from friends' houses nearly every day.  He joined the jump-rope club at school and had his first meeting on Monday.  Like everything else, he is very intense about the jump-roping, and he practices in the kitchen every day.

We've been struggling a little bit with the concept of patience lately.  Since most adults I know struggle with that same thing (myself included), I have a feeling that we'll probably battle about just waiting a minute (!) for a while.  I'm still just not sure why my picking up the phone is a signal to start screaming.

Gordon wanted me to take some pictures of his bath toys... funny boy.

We made Tom's favorite dinner tonight-- crispy Ritzy chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and "Better than Everything" cake-- which earned me a "best mom ever".  Who knew that was all it took?

The boys were patient enough to indulge me for a few pictures this morning before church.  Even though church itself was kind of hectic, looking at these sweet boys in their Sunday best makes those annoying moments of crayon-throwing seem not so bad.

You love my skirt, right?!  I went to a thrift store this week, hoping to find a desk for the family room.  No luck there, but I did pick up this fabulous skirt for $5.00!  Sweet!

This upcoming week should be fun-- four days of school, new tires and an oil change for the van, then packing up and heading out to California to meet Chris for Spring Break!  Hooray!


becky ward said...

i love that picture of all of you in your sunday best! the boys have grown up so much since the last time i saw them. i can't believe neil is so big. are you driving out to california by yourself?!

Elena said...

I do love that skirt! But I LOVE your hair even more. It's SO cute styled like that!

Becca said...

Those last two pictures are beautiful. I mean, BEAUTIFUL. Your boys look handsome and well-behaved, and you are a knock-out as always. Orange, who knew? You look GREAT!

Heidi said...

You are one good-looking family! We are so excited for you to come our way! XOXOX

Sherrie said...

You make growing out your hair look fun! I love these updates. Fab week.