Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fight, fight, fight...

Thomas just saw me upload this picture and laughed.  He said, "Oh, I love those fighting pictures!"

Really?  Because even though the pictures are funny, I have to say, I'm getting pretty sick of all of the fighting that goes on between these boys.  Someone once joked that the only time their kids got along is when they were asleep, and that joke is starting to feel like my reality.

Does it seem like they fight more when I'm the only referee, or is it just me?

I decided to take some pictures of the fighting, rather than intervene, and if you look at Tom, you'll see a few smiles for the camera.  Afterward, I made them hug while I counted to 100-- I started again twice when they broke their embrace. 

Hopefully someday these two will be the best of friends and laugh about all of the times they spent picking on each other.  Until then, let's just hope they both make it out alive!

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Sherrie said...

My brother and I (17 months apart) fought every single day till I was about 13. Sorry that probably doesn't make your day. What might make your day is that I love him so much I sometimes cry that he lives so far away from me.