Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Developing talents

Thomas has been taking violin lessons this school year. He seems to really enjoy it-- especially when he learns a song and can play it well. His latest favorite is "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". Here's a little 1 minute video for you to enjoy (and don't mind his technique-- I can only say "waterfall" so many times!)

I'm taking an online photography course, mainly so that I can use my camera with some degree of understanding. I did a lot of research when I bought the camera, only to find out that my skills with it are a bit beneath its capabilities. So, it's Digital Photography 101 for me! This is the first of a four-week course, and I've learned quite a bit already. I'm going to post my assignments here just for kicks.

Our first assignment is to control our flash use-- usually, when I'm shooting everything in "automatic", the camera decides when to flash or not. I decided to take pictures of Murray, since he was in a good spot for demonstrating the use of the flash and because I could get him to hold still.

I'm excited to learn more about how to work my camera and hopefully take better pictures.  I think this picture of Murray turned out pretty cool, too.

And, while we're on the subject of Murray (again... I'm really not cat-obsessed!), I took a little video of him uh, protecting our yard. I'm just going to post the link-- it's a little bit gross.


Marilyn said...

When he leaves the tail and the head on your doorstep, you'll know he loves you. Yikes.

Becca said...

I watched the mouse movie. Tod and Twyla both do the same thing--though Tod definitely gets more "height" on his mice when he chucks them in the air.

That Thomas is as sweet as ever. What a talented little mouse-catching, violin playing family you have!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Good Job Thomas! Your boys are so adorable- you take really good pictures. Neil already looks so different than he did at our last visit. They grow too fast! We'll be excited to meet Murray at our next visit.