Friday, October 31, 2008

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, la la la

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this holiday-- it's one of my favorites. We've been doing all sorts of fun things lately, so this is going to be a long post!

Last weekend, we went to the American West Heritage Center ( to experience their Charlotte's Web-themed corn maze. It was a beautiful day and the boys loved running through the rows of corn. It felt very autumn-y! Afterward, we hung around the AWHC and enjoyed their different displays and farm animals. The boys refused to ride the ponies, but they did love jumping in the hay.

I absolutely love this picture that Chris captured of Tom jumping into the hay pile. Check out that blue sky!

Gord was really excited about finding corn in the corn maze. I have about 10 pictures that look just like this one!

After the AWHC, we went to Macey's to pick out pumpkins for carving. Every year, Chris is adamant that our pumpkins have good stems, but other than that, the kids can pick any type of pumpkin they'd like. Chris chose a huge round one for Neil, Thomas chose a medium-sized round one, and Gordon's is shaped kind of like a skull. Hilarious.

Even though the boys were thrilled about the prospect of pumpkin-carving, when it came to actually helping, they lasted about 2 seconds. Chris, in true character, did all of the dirty work.

For the past several years, Chris has carved this same huge pumpkin grin on each of his Jack-o-lanterns. We love it!

Thomas drew an "M", for Mario, and Gordon drew something that looked like a big blob, so Chris was a little bit liberal with following Gord's strokes. However, Gordon ended up loving his monster/demon pumpkin even more than the blob.

Late Saturday afternoon, our good friends, Ryan and Nicki Stanton and their boys, Jacob and Brody, came to visit us. Nicki has a rocking Halloween party every year, but we weren't able to make it to Pocatello on Friday because of the piano recital, so she was kind enough to bring the party to us! We always have such a fun time with the Stantons and it's especially fun to see our boys having such a blast together. We had a tasty pizza dinner, then played a balloon tossing game and frosted Halloween cookies, courtesy of Nicki's party leftovers. We ♥ sprinkles!

Finally, on Tuesday, Chris and I took the two little boys to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk. Tom's class participated in making a display and Tom and his class got to go on a field trip to the walk on Monday.

I love the Pumpkin Walk-- it's so clever. My favorite display (aside from Tom's, of course) this year was the pumpkin hospital. I especially liked the little newborns.

Tom's class did a "Under the Sea"-themed display. Thomas made a "vampire octopus" pumpkin, but we weren't sure which one was his. The whole thing was very cute, though.

We also had fun putting our faces in these cut-outs. We all know who the princess is around here!

You've gotta love my Yoda.

There will be many more Halloween pictures from our adventures today. While Thomas parties at school, Chris and I are taking the little ones to the mall for some quick and easy indoor trick-or-treating. Then, we're having our traditional tasty chili dinner (yum, I am excited!), then old fashioned trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Thank goodness Chris has the night off!


Christina said...

How fun! Look at you- haven't even skipped a beat. Way to be out having fun with the fam.

Hondo's our pumpkin guy. He ended doing all of ours as well. Lucky us to have such good sports!

SueAnn said...

Cute pumpkins! Looks like so much fun!!

Heidi said...

I love the action shots of the boys jumping off the hay bales, and I love the Cinderella and Yoda pics! The cute little snug-a-bug in your arms looks so irresistible--I would love to hold that warm little body! Love ya.

Marilyn said...

Chris has never looked better.

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Great pumpkins. I'm glad Chris could get Halloween night off, how perfect!

Bon said...

So fun! It looks like you enjoyed all the festivities! I too love Halloween. I am glad it was so great for you guys! You look GREAT!!

Elena said...

That baby pumpkin nursery was too cute! Looks like you had a great holiday. I hear you're coming this way for Thanksgiving. I NEED to get my hands on little Neil, so let's do something if you have time.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

I don't know why but Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays! This year on the other hand it was fun. Aside from Ben being way too tired and way to TWO-THREE yrs we had a good time! I love your pumpkins! We did plain jack-o-lanterns and Drew did all the work. Actually I let the girls clean out theirs but they hated it! ha ha! Your blog background is adorable! Can't wait to see your Nov. one!

shannon said...

you guys are always so fun! i love seeing the photos of everything that you guys do!