Friday, October 10, 2008

Rewind-- Happy Birthday Chris!!

Isn't Chris great to be my guest blogger? He is such an eloquent writer-- sometimes I think he should be the one keeping the family blog alive rather than me!

A week ago, on October 4th, we celebrated Chris's 32nd birthday. I don't know why it is, but Chris's birthday ages us as a couple more than my birthday or our anniversary. I think this might be because I remember the little (and I do mean little-- I think he weighed 135 at our wedding!) 21 year old I fell in love with and hearing "32" just makes that 11 years of togetherness seem like a really long time. When we met, we were both still just kids in so many ways and another birthday makes adulthood that much closer. Of course, Chris is really good at holding it off! Hee!

I adore my husband. Aside from being the sweetest, kindest husband, and the cutest, most fun dad in the world, Chris is just a genuinely good person. It never ceases to amaze me how true and loyal and hardworking he is. I often feel like I'm not quite worthy to be with him. And, to top all of that off, we laugh every day-- a girl couldn't ask for more!

So, back to last week: my family was in town (yay!) and we spent most of the day curled up on the couches and floors downstairs watching LDS General Conference. Between the 2nd session and Priesthood, we (Chris) made a delicious birthday dinner of our favorite pulled pork sandwiches. One of Chris's birthday gifts was a brand new basic red Utah Utes tee shirt. His old one-- I think it is about 10 years old-- has faded so much that the red isn't really red anymore. I think he gets sick of my taking his picture-- but he obliged anyway. Isn't he a cute Ute?

After the boys returned from the Priesthood session, Chris blew out the candle on his birthday brownies.

He is not a big cake fan and actually prefers pie to anything else. I've tried to make and buy pies in the past, but the fine art of pies is not my forte, and I never seemed to get it exactly right. I think Chris's mom, probably my grandma, and Chris himself are among the few people who can make a blueberry pie that meets Chris's standard! This year, Thomas suggested, "Let's make Dad a birthday cake shaped like his favorite thing-- a pie!"

Anyway, since the pie wasn't really feasible, Chris decided that homemade brownies would be a good option.

After he finished his dessert, I insisted that we head over to the hospital. Just an hour and a half late, Chris received a pretty good little birthday present!

Happy Birthday, Hunst!


Marilyn said...

You're right, Elise - Chris is all of those things and more. Of course, I'm a little biased, being his mother and all, but Chris is an extraordinary person. He deserves such a special birthday gift!!

SueAnn said...

That sounds like a fantastic birthday to me!!

becky ward said...

happy birthday chris! and what a great gift.

elise-glad to see you are back in the blogging world. how is mothering three? can't wait to catch up!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

I didn't know Chris likes pie more than Cake. Andy loves pie too and he is also the piemaker of the family. Marilyn did a good job teaching her boys how to cook!