Monday, September 01, 2008

September is here!

I can't believe it is a new month already! I love September, for a lot of reasons, but I have to admit that I'm feeling a little unprepared for fall this year. Maybe it's because although we've had a great full summer, we didn't do everything I had planned. This is probably not such a bad thing-- after all, I really loved those Saturdays where I caught up on sleep! But still, even the weather is changing and the routines are setting in, and I'm feeling a little sad saying good-bye to summer.

We've been busy as always the last couple of weeks, though, and I've managed to capture a few of our little moments. First off, Thomas went back to EBLS on the 20th. I'm planning to do a whole "Back to School" post on Wednesday when Gordon goes to pre-schoool, since Gord is thrilled out of his mind and Thomas is used to the whole thing. I think Chris, Gordon and I were more excited for Thomas than he was for himself-- not that it wasn't a fun day, but he wasn't anticipating anything really new. He does have a new teacher this year, who so far has been great, and he was excited to see his friends again.

My boys on the first day of school-- aren't they cute?

The next day, as posted, Chris and I celebrated our anniversary. Chris took the night off, so we went to dinner at our favorite Logan restaurant, Le Nonne, where we enjoyed the spoils of a night with a babysitter. I tried to get a little bit dressed up-- as you can see, my hair isn't the only thing looking thick and full these days!

By the way, I will be doing another prego post for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. In the meantime, I'm feeling fine, just chunky, and I keep getting that 80's song by Europe in my head. "It's the final countdown... "

Since it's just the two of them in the mornings for now, Chris and Gord have been busy finding things to entertain themselves. They've taken one of the boys' favorite activities, "making a parking lot", to a whole new level!

And finally, last weekend and continuing to today, we've been doing a little home improvement work. My lovely home office is now back on the "someday" list, as it has been painted blue, refurnished with two twin beds and way too many toys, and become the big boy bedroom. Like their dad, they love to paint-- and we were mostly appreciative for the help!

Even though it's blue paint, Tom knows that our blood runs crimson red in this house!

The upstairs room, formerly Tom and Gord's lair, has been touched up with more blue paint (so convenient), and outfitted with the crib, changing table/dresser thing, and a newish rocker I found on Craig's List. I try not to have a panic attack every time I walk by!

Speaking of our Utah Utes, Saturday finally marked the first game of the season! Here's a funny little glimpse into my life with a hardcore Ute fan: Chris had a hard time sleeping last week, and when I asked if he wasn't feeling well or something, he said, "No, I'm just really nervous about Saturday." Depending on who you are, you'll find that either really cute, really funny, or really, really sad. Anyway, the Utes played awesome in the first half against Michigan in the Big House (even though there were way, way, way too many penalties, Kyle Whittingham... sheesh), and the second half was a nail-biter. My favorite quote of the day: "Make them suffer for their sins" (from Chris, of course, referring to the Ute D pounding on Michigan's poor freshman quarterback). So, let's breathe a collective sigh of relief for the Utes' first game and first victory of the season. WHEW! Next week, we'll be in SLC for the home opener against UNLV. 

Go Utes!


Ashley said...

Elise! Crimson Red? How quickly you forget! Don't you have just the teensiest bit of Cougar blue in there somewhere???

becky ward said...

your boys are adorable in their first day of school picture. and i love the pictures of "making a parking lot". how fun! and might i add that you LOOK GORGEOUS in your anniversary picture. what i wouldn't give to look that good that pregnant! can't wait to come to logan and see all your home improvements. miss ya!

Marilyn said...

What a fun post! And it I really like your layout! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend! IKEA, here we come!!

Marilyn said...


Elena said...

Chris cracks me up! We followed the play by play on the internet while we were driving through Yellowstone on Sat. We thought of you and Chris. Jarom said, "Chris and Elise are somewhere screaming their heads off right now." It was a close game. And I'll have you know, Jarom was even routing Utah. :) And you look so blasted cute. I can't wait for this baby to come. It's going to be so exciting!

Christy said...

Go Utes! People here are obsessed with Boise State, but I just can't get myself to get into that Bronco spirit. Or Aggie spirit, for that matter.

How much longer until the little guy comes? I can't believe I'm missing out on being in Logan for that! Sheesh!

I've also just decided that you and Chris have to come visit us when we're in Florida. Try to bypass hurricane season, though.

Have a great day. I miss you guys!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

I love the parking lot pictures. Chris is such a fun daddy. Andy is not as bad as Chris but he is a pretty diehard Ute fan. I'm always glad when they win mostly because I know Andy will be in a good mood!

Elena said...

There's an award waitng for you over at my blog! :)

becky ward said...

i have an award for you too!

Mandie said...

Red!? I went to BYU so but husband loves the U of U, so we have fun around our house!

Becca said...

The parking lot pictures are hilarious. I am debating on whether or not to introduce the game to my boys--because I know it will be Brig's new favorite thing--and therein lies the rub.

You look adorable--can't wait for the pregnancy post!

And, ummmmmmm, I must know more about Le Nonne--what kind of food, what kind of prices, etc.

When we get settled in Soda Springs, I'll be planning a get together with you guys (and maybe it'll be something like me taking your kiddos out to give you a partum party, pre- or post-).