Thursday, September 04, 2008

Too Cool for School

After two weeks of a daily morning fit, Gordon finally had his first day of pre-school! HOORAY!!! Let me just say that pre-school for this wild little rapscallion is a godsend, and not just because he had such a hard time watching Tom go to school for two weeks without him. Gord is our social, busy kid, and we're so excited that he can spend three mornings a week with other kids his age, doing three-year-old activities, and not going crazy with boredom all by himself at our house! YAY!!!

Gordon was SOOOOOOO excited. We told him several weeks ago that he was going to school on September 3rd, and he made sure to tell everyone who would listen. The night before, Gordon and I picked out his first day of school outfit (which, by the way, is not nearly as important as a girl thinks it is) and made sure his backpack and little fleece jacket were ready to go. On the big day, Gord was up at the crack of dawn (grumbling from Mom) and bounced all around the kitchen while eating breakfast. He got dressed, ready to go, and practically sprinted to the car-- he finally got to come along and just Dad was left at home. We dropped Tom off, then drove to Morningside School, where we took a couple of pictures, then walked in to a busy room full of other three- and four-year-olds. And then...


After so many days of anticipation, Gordon actually got a little bit sad when I tried to leave him at school! Chris predicted the separation anxiety, and honestly, I guess I did, too, but I really thought he might just run in and forget all about me. I'm sure that day will come soon enough (maybe tomorrow!), but until then, it was kind of sweet. Gordon did end up having a very fun day where he "learned about stars" and colored a big picture of the letter "G". It's going to be a fun year!

Here's my easy 2nd grader, who is just loving life at EBLS!


becky ward said...

oh my word! gordon is so cute in those pictures. and that is pretty tender that he shed some tears.

Holly said...

Oh, I miss Gordon! What a cute little guy. I love how excited he is in those pictures!

Becca said...

Awww . . . both of those boys are so darn . . . um . . . deja vuish? Is that a word?

I love fist day pix! That Gordon has a face to match his totally expressive personality.

Caitlan said...

Tom's socks?

But that is cute- how crazy that Tom is a 2nd grader! And yay for Gordon- that picture of him holding his backpack is really cute.

Emily said...

Abby isn't two yet and I'm already sad about her first day of school, but excited too. I have a while to wait. I'm sure she won't cry, she'll jump out of the car while it's still moving and never look back. The stinker.