Thursday, September 04, 2008


A little while ago, my cute friend Christy tagged me to share a picture of our dream house. Some of you know that Chris and I have had this house picked out for a long time, and we still love it. We like to talk about building it and the different things we imagine about it. In our ideal world, this house will not be in a neighborhood development, but rather, on its own plot of land, preferably somewhere in the hills or mountains. Think Jackson Hole, or maybe outside Park City.


We won't be going with a yellow exterior-- I've photoshopped this picture a few different times with dark grey siding, white siding, or, if we build it in our mountain area, a more raw, wood-ish look. We're actually kind of neutral on the exterior colors, but we love the dormer windows and the big front porch. I'd probably also add room for a three car garage.

The interior:

We love the large open family room and fireplace, the "breakfast nook", and the master bedroom with tray ceilings and the nice, big closet. We also love that the master suite is separated from the other bedrooms, and that it has a door to the back porch, which, of course, will be overlooking some kind of beautiful forest scene. I've made a few adjustments to this plan over the years, like enlarged the laundry room and connected it with the garage, so it's more of a "mud room", and rearranged the kitchen to include a corner pantry. I also have our floor styles picked out (not colors, but where we'll put tile, wood, and carpet).

We also definitely plan on building the optional second floor, which includes another bathroom, a long optional room, which will be an office, and a guest bedroom. The plan also has space for a full basement, so we'll put in a huge family/ TV/ game room (which Chris has already planned out-- it will be completely Ute themed!), a large storage area, two more bedrooms (one will be another office), and a full bathroom.

So, there you have it-- the future Hansen home. When we do build this, we won't ever leave! ;)

Thanks for the fun tag, Christy-- anyone else who wants to do this, it's pretty fun. Check out some cool plans at Frank


Elena said...

OOOH!!! Fun! I absolutely LOVE house plans. I am doing this tag for sure. Although it may include more than one dream home. :) Your's is beautiful. Here's hoping that your dream will come true cery soon!

becky ward said...

ah yes, i remember this house plan! i really love it as well. i hope you get this house really soon! what about the foothills in idaho falls?! if not, i guess i could handle having you in jackson hole! (:

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

There is an adorable house in SLC/Sandy that reminds me of that. Drew and I have always loved it. I would love it someday too!

Christy said...

I love this! It's actually quite similar to the house plan I picked out.

Nice choice!

Emily said...

I remember this! Chris made me go to the website and look at it. My dream house is just to have an actual kitchen. Right now we have holes in the "walls" and appliance alley is in our laundry room. That's where are fridge, oven, microwave, washer and dryer are. It's a tight squeeze!