Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Snowed In!

We had planned to head up to Idaho Falls on Sunday morning to participate in Todd and Ann-Michelle's blessing of their new little son, Graham. I even got everyone up early (which, if you know Chris, is a huge feat), dressed, and into the car by 7:15AM, and we were on the road. We didn't make it very far, though-- we were driving in a blizzard! Sadly, we decided it would be safer to turn around and head back home, rather than face the scary snowy roads in our "I-hate-the-snow" Camry. Even though I was so sad to miss Graham's blessing, it turned out to be the best decision.

Just so you can get an idea of what we're dealing with, here is a picture of my back yard on Sunday morning:

(There is a sandbox in there somewhere...)

It snowed nearly non-stop for 24 hours!

Naturally, the kids were very disappointed, especially our little Tom. He kept looking out at the snow, hoping it would let up. Sweet little bug.

Since we already had a sub for our Sunday school class, we ended up staying home and cozy all day. It was nice to stay inside, but not so nice to wake up on Monday morning with our driveway completely buried. The last time I can remember seeing that much snow was when I was a little girl in Idaho Falls-- and I am guessing those memories are slightly skewed, since I am at least a little bit taller now.

My arms are sore from the small bit of shoveling I did, which was just enough to get Chris's car out of the driveway. I like to make fun of our little Kia (it's a crummy car pretending to be an SUV), but it does have one virtue I should praise more often-- 4-Wheel-Drive!!

Chris shoveled the rest of the driveway and the sidewalk and contributed to one of the many giant snow hills you can now see all over Logan. Gordon, of course, has been improving his conquering skills with each hill.


Christy said...

Did you get to break in your new snow boots?

becky ward said...

ah, what a bummer! But, snow days are so fun.

Caitlan said...

Haha Gordon looks so cute. The snow is out of control- I seriously have woken up and walked to class in it every day and it makes me crazy!!

Elena said...

Glad you didn't drive on those awful roads. I think you definitly made the right choice!

Heidi said...

We'd be toast in that kind of weather! Sorry you had to miss the blessing but glad you made the right decision and stayed safe!

Todd said...

It was too bad you guys couldn't make it! Glad you made the most of your day though.

Marilyn said...

At least your yard isn't full of deer poop. I'm not looking forward to the snow melting in my yard!