Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun with the Hansen Side

I know, I know... it's been way too long. I have to blame my lack of blogging on two things: 1) Gordon has a new obsession with sitting on me when I am trying to type on the computer, so I've had to wait until he is asleep to get any one-on-one time with my PC, and 2) When I put Gordon down, sometimes I fall asleep, too. Sorry, lame excuses, I know. I think this may have happened last year at this time, so if history repeats itself, my blogs will become much more frequent in the next few days and weeks. Promise.

Anyway, last week we had a fun and eventful week with Chris's family. Emily, Chris's sister, and her sweet little Abby, were visiting Gary and Marilyn for the week, so on Monday, they all came up to Logan to spend the afternoon with us. We ate lunch at the best restaurant in Logan, Le Nonne, which serves the most delicious authentic Italian cuisine. Younger sisters at BYU who are studying Italian this semester should really come up to visit. Italian-speaking boyfriends also invited.) Mmmmm... after more than a week, I am still remembering the deliciousness. Afterward, we hung around our house for a little bit and played some Cluzzle. We always have such a fun time with Emily and Abby, so we really appreciated that they made the trip up to Logan. Laziness prevented me from taking pictures.

On Wednesday, we went down to Salt Lake to attend the funeral of my sister-in-law, Amanda's grandmother, Libbie Lambert. Chris grew up in the same neighborhood as Libbie (and Amanda), and felt like one of her surrogate grandchildren. I'd only met her a few times, but I have to tell you that her funeral had a very profound impression on me. She was the kind of person one aspires to be, and I felt very grateful to hear about the amazing legacy she left for all who were associated with her. Imagine if we all lived our lives so that a stranger attending our funeral would be touched to want to be a better person? It was a great experience, and I'm so glad we were able to attend.

Amanda and her two adorable kids, Tyler and Lizzy, arrived in Salt Lake on Tuesday, so we had the chance to see them as well. I always love it when our kids can hang out with their cute cousins!

Tyler, Thomas and Gordon were just best buddies right away. It's always fun to see how the different personalities mesh together, and I'm glad to say that these boys are a perfect match!

Little Miss Lizzy is the sweetest thing ever! We love her dark hair and her soft baby smell. Mmm, you know me and baby smells...

Chris and I took advantage of the willing baby-sitters and went to the Temple after the funeral. It's always a nice, calming experience, and I'm grateful to Marilyn and Emily for giving us the opportunity.

Later Wednesday evening, Gary and Marilyn took us to Mazza, a middle-eastern restaurant in Salt Lake. I have to admit that I'm still a little undecided on middle-eastern spices. The hummus was tasty, and my chicken pita was pretty good, but I ended up eating about a half a bottle of Tums later that night. Too much information?

The kids were really good at the restaurant! Especially Tyler-- he actually put his own napkin on his lap! I couldn't believe what a well-mannered little boy he is!

Meanwhile, my little demon was doing this...

Ah, everyone loves the candid shot at a restaurant.

We had a really wonderful day with the Hansens! We went back down to Salt Lake on Saturday, so more on that tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are some tidbits from my everyday life:
  • Today at 4PM, I put Gordon in some big boy undies. By bedtime (8), he was on his 4th pair. You have to start somewhere, right?
  • Last week was my first official week as a part-timer. I took a nap almost every day.
  • I think we may be done with snow for a while. Maybe? Yes? PLEASE?!?
  • Apparently he saw it on a commercial or something-- Gordon has been running around the house yelling, "IT's MY MONEY and I WANT IT NOW!" Hilarious.
  • I discovered Hershey's Kisses "Trio"-- dark and milk chocolate kisses drizzled with white chocolate. Seriously.

    I think that's it. Happy Tuesday night-- more blogging from me tomorrow!!

    Elena said...

    YAY! More from Elise! Becky and I were just saying how ripped off we feel when we check your blog and you haven't updated. :) Your middle-eastern spice review was hilarious. Reminded me of "Along Came Polly", I just love that show.

    Caitlan said...

    Hey that all sounds like a lot of fun. And you're pretty clever. Ahem.

    Ann-Michelle said...

    thanks for updating- as one of your many devoted readers i was starting to go through withdrawals! it is si funny what kids pick up- i know i have some cute things the girls have done like gordon's 'money', but can't think of any right now!

    Marilyn said...

    FYI - I now have a large bottle of TUMS in my cupboard. Emily says it's "insurance" - now that I have 'em, you'll never need 'em.

    becky ward said...

    So many comments that I want to say...but I don't know if I can remember them all.

    I love the picture of your well-mannered Gord. And, THomas looks so grown up in that picture. Holy cow! I love that you are part-time and taking naps (I guess that is a good enough reason for not updating)!

    And that baby is SOOO CUTE! Perfect little features. Glad to hear that you are having a nice week!

    Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

    We had sooooooo much fun with you. Tyler had the time of his life with Tom and Gord that weekend. You guys need to come visit us sometime!