Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lovey Dovey

In honor of Valentine's day, I thought I'd share some of the love tunes that make me think of my cute hubs. Listening to these songs is sure to make you feel all mushy inside.

♥ Days of Wine and Roses-- Vince Guaraldi
♥ Something in the Way She Moves-- James Taylor
♥ Thank You-- Dido
♥ Groovy Kind of Love-- Phil Collins
♥ When We Dance-- Sting
♥ Just the Way You Are-- Billy Joel
♥ Only Love-- Winona Judd
♥ Just You and Me-- Chicago
♥ Breathless-- Corinne Baily Rae

Happy Valentine's Day, from our home to yours!


Marilyn said...

Yes indeed, those are all great songs! Happy V day to you and all the boys! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Caitlan said...

Haha your title reminded me of that song by Chris Brown that's like "She wants that lovey dovey, that kiss kiss.." Look it up- it's a good one.:) And that's a cute picture of you and Chris.

Oh and the reason Danner has his name as Dnnr is so people can't find him online. I guess it's legitimate. (slash kind of funny)

Kristine said...

You have great taste in music... "When we Dance" is one of my favorite songs ever!! In fact, I think it's one of the only songs I've forced Mike to dance with me to. Hope you guys have a great day!!

Elena said...

Oh, such little sweeties you are!

BTW, I wish you were my sis-in-law in one fashion or another so that you could have come to the cabin too!!! We would have had so much fun.

Happy Valentine's day!

Emily said...

I'm glad you love my brother so we can be sisters! I'm excited to see you in a couple days!

becky ward said...

Ah, Groovy Kind of Love! Happy Valentine's Day!

shannon said...

you are so darn funny and cute! thanks for the tune list, i need a good mix for my ipod!

Kristine said...

Hey Elise.. this is random, but I just realized a digi-friend of mine is on Andrea's team. I don't know how active she is there, since she has about 7 or 8 other teams, but her name is Sabrina. She is the sweetest girl!!

Emily said...

Love the photo. Valentines songs make me happy!

Hope you had a dreamy one!

Caitlan said...

Elise! Post something new! This is great but I keep checking your blog and seeing the same thing!