Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orange you glad...

Look at me-- two posts in a row! Maybe I'm back on this blogging thing? :)

For Easter this year, I chose Orange. Chris is a good sport and I realize that my days of dressing the boys alike is quite numbered, so I take advantage where I can. I actually bought these shirts for the boys last year, right after we learned that #3 would join the boy ranks. I'm love the way they look so cute!

Of course, getting a picture as cute as their outfits was another story. And clearly, Neil needed a haircut.

This picture was taken on Saturday-- it's haircut time again! Luckily, we're doing it tomorrow. Maybe I'll even blog again!


Marilyn said...

Cute little dudes! We had so much fun last Saturday! Gary can't stop talking about it.

Becca said...

My favorite part of this post: "getting a picture as cute as their outfits was another story." So so so true--the bane of a mother-of-boys existence.

I love orange--it's such a happy color.