Monday, June 08, 2009

Entertainment by Gordon

When it comes to accessorizing, Gordon is quite the pro. If it goes on your head, hands, back, or feet, he's sure to give it a try. He's also quite the little collector-- that backpack of his is filled with his favorite books, DVDs, little toys, and, oddly enough, kitchen utensils.

Thomas dresses himself, but doesn't mind if I pick his clothes out for him. Neil, of course, relies on me for the whole thing. Gordon not only picks his own clothes out and dresses himself, but he also changes his clothes at least a couple of times every day. He has a great imagination, so his costume usually has to do with whatever he is pretending to be at the moment. No matter what, he is quite the little entertainer!

(Check out the little smiling baby in the background!)

When Gord found the bowtie and suspenders last week, he was absolutely thrilled to wear them to church. He said, "I'm pretty handsome, huh?" Handsome indeed!


Ann-Michelle said...

how funny- we go through the same thing here w/hads!! see you next week

Marilyn said...

Oh, Gordie - you are definitely a joy-bringer!!

Heidi said...

That is a charming guy. I love his grin in the suspenders picture.

Caitlan said...

Haha future lady killer wearing the suspenders and bowtie, I can already see it.