Saturday, December 20, 2008


From Chris:
We are a one-car family — for the moment anyway. 

Our Camry sold today — a lot faster than we had expected. I'm off to Salt Lake on Monday to bring back a "big, juicy van." (That's a quote from Seinfeld, for those of you who didn't notice it.) We were really sad to see our Camry go, but a nice young man who needed it got it.

When I said we are a one-car family, what I really meant was we are a half-car family, because that's what a Kia Sportage is - half of a regular car. At least it's paid off.

Hopefully, Elise's Christmas present will look something like this (without the dopey guy sitting in the driver's seat, of course):


Becca said...

Bring on the carpool!

Marilyn said...

About the dopey guy - aren't you going to drive the van, Chris? Oh, I love ya.

Jen said...

I just hope the mini van doesn't get stuck in the cul-de-sac. I can push out the camry but I'm not so sure about the van!!

becky ward said...

that was so quick! way to go! can't wait to see it.

michael said...

Minivans ROCK!