Thursday, December 11, 2008

After-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Since Chris had to work on T-Day, his parents were generous enough to delay their traditional celebration for Saturday, when we could join them in Salt Lake. Aside from the flood, we had another perfectly wonderful weekend!

While Grammuh was finishing the dinner on Saturday, Grampuh took the boys to Toys R Us and let them pick out some toys to bring home. Gordon chose a sidewalk chalk set, which he and Chris used to make the small sidewalk in Gramm's backyard look quite colorful, and a Thomas the Train DVD. Thomas picked a large drawing pad and a very fancy art set. His set includes several different types of artist tools-- crayons, paints, markers, and even oil pastels. Here he is with his first masterpiece-- in mixed media, of course.

Thanks, Grampuh, for spoiling our boys!!

Speaking of spoiling, Chris was definitely in heaven with three kinds of pie. I think I've mentioned before that I am not a pie person-- I am no good at making it and never do, and I really don't prefer eating it to other desserts like, say, cake. Chris, on the other hand, loves almost every kind of pie (maybe every kind, I can't think of one he doesn't like) and can make a mean pie crust himself. He got his pie-making skills from his mother, and he looks forward to her pies with great anticipation. He also likes the real whipped cream, as you can clearly see...

Gordon prefers a cherry on top, or several.

After a delicious meal and a fun day with the family, we got to help decorate the Christmas tree. Chris's parents collect a new ornament each year (we borrowed that tradition in our own family), so it is always fun to open the ornaments and reminisce. The first one on the tree is their first ornament, an adorable Santa. Tommer had the honor of hanging him this year.

We're so thankful for Chris's parents for hosting us for our delayed holiday! It was so much fun!

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becky ward said...

great picture thomas! happy thanksgiving! glad you had a good time.