Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Neil

Or not-so-little Neil, depending on who you talk to. While it is true that Neil has mastered the growing thing in his short two months of life, he's still only in the 32nd percentile on the chart, so he's still a little thing. Mmm, and he is a luscious little thing! I just love his squishy little body and his soft baby skin, not to mention that amazing baby smell. Sigh. If he could just stay small!

Neil-Nee-Neil, as Gordon calls him, has been smiling a lot in the last couple of days, though I have yet to capture it on my camera. It's quite heart-warming, and everyone else in the family has made it a regular practice to try to get those smiles to surface. I think you can see hints in these pictures...

He has also discovered his thumb-- how sweet is that? Neither of the older boys were thumb-suckers, so we'll see if Neil keeps this up. I just think it's cute.

We went to the doctor today and received all good news-- Neil is growing well and is developmentally on track. He did have to get some immunizations, which always breaks my heart a bit, but he was a little trooper. Love this boy!


Ashley said...

Boy, it takes all types! I am really freaked out by the tiny baby stage! I love em' don't get me wrong, Im just happy when they grow to be a little sturdier!~

becky ward said...

nothing cuter than a little baby sucking it's thumb. adorable!