Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Belated Birthday Cards!

To the four lovely people whose birthdays I have been meaning to mention... please forgive me! I should have realized when I started making digi birthday cards that the late summer would mess me up! My lateness has nothing to do with these fantastic people-- I'm just a bum!! So, without further ado, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYS!!

July 25th-- Happy Birthday Garrett!

Garrett is our sweet one-year-old nephew and we just love that he is a part of our family. I love the picture in his card-- Chris and I met him for the first time over Christmas last year and we both recognized immediately how precious he is. We wish he lived closer (or that we took more California trips?), but we are looking forward to getting to know him and watching him grow up in the years to come. Happy Birthday, Gar-bear!!

August 2nd-- Happy Birthday Sophie!

Born just a few weeks before our wedding, Sophie became our first niece. We have loved watching her become an amazing, talented, smart and sophisticated young woman-- not to mention beautiful! I always appreciate how sweet she is with my boys, both Thomas and Gordon, even though she is the oldest cousin. I know how tough it can be to be the only one your age, so I am especially grateful to Sophie for handling her "oldest" role with such grace. Sophie is a wonderful girl and we love her! Happy Birthday, Soph!

August 4th-- Happy Birthday Amanda!

I could not be happier that Amanda is my sister-in-law! Aside from being one of the nicest, most adorable people I've ever known, she is also a great friend and a caring aunt. Sometimes I can't believe how much she loves her nieces and nephews, but I think she is just one of those people who is just completely full of love. It's amazing, and I am so grateful for her calming attitude and contagious smile. I know everyone in our family appreciates her, and I hope she knows how much both Chris and I (but especially me!) love having her around. She needs to move back to the West!! Let's all cross our fingers! I adore you, Amanda-- Happy Birthday!!

August 19th-- Happy Birthday Marilyn/Mom!

Since this is my blog, I'll just post my personal birthday wish for my dear mother-in-law. (I was going to say that I'd get Chris to post something, too, but let's get real.) Anyway, since the very first time I met Marilyn, she has teased me about being "too good" for her son. I don't think she really means that, but I take it as her being glad that I'm a part of her family, and I'm so grateful for that. She has always made me feel like one of her own children, and the older I get and the more terrible mother-in-law stories I hear, the more I realize how awesome that is! Marilyn is a wonderful example of someone who is generous, forgiving, savvy, and not afraid to be herself. She is a spoiling grandma that my boys can't get enough of, and a wonderful mother (okay, we get spoiled, too) to both Chris and me. We love you, Marilyn! Happy, happy Birthday!


Mandie said...

Cute cards! How to I start digital scrapebooking? I don't know if you can really help me with that question, but after see your website and others, I'm feeling like I need to know my options.

Marilyn said...

Thank you, Leesta! Such kind words, and a few of them are true! Like, where you said I am glad you are part of our family! I am SO glad! And, you really are too good for Chris. Remember, "All women marry beneath them."

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Thanks! We are lucky to have such wonderful people in this family.