Monday, August 11, 2008

Anniversary Trip! (Part II)

After our first night in Victoria, we went to Butchart Gardens, a pristine 55-acre garden about 15 miles from Victoria. Butchart Gardens is incredible-- another must-see if you are in the area-- and we loved being able to stroll around the property on such a beautiful day. Chris and I had visited with my family when Thomas was 2, and in a different time of year, so it was fun to see the changes of the seasons (no rhododendrons, but the roses-- oh my!), and to be able to stop and enjoy everything without chasing a toddler around!

After Butchart, we went back to the hotel to rest a bit, then hit downtown Victoria. As I mentioned, it was BC Day, and I have never seen so many people in Victoria! It was kind of crazy, but very fun to be there for the holiday. We did some touristy shopping downtown and picked up a couple of souvenirs for our kids.

Nicki and I tried hooking up with this grizzly-- he wasn't impressed.

The next time we visit Victoria, we'd really like to stay at the Empress. We're assuming we'll be very rich by then!

After walking around in the hot sun, it was nice to cool off for a bit and enjoy a tasty dinner at the Tapa Bar. Tapas are spanish appetizers and you just order a bunch to share with everyone-- so yummy!


Holly said...

I went to Butchart Gardens when I was little and I still remember how beautiful it was there! Now I want to go again!

.allison. said...

Ah yes, the Gardens. So pretty! :)

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

That sounds like an amazing trip. The Shakespere festival you went to sounds really cool and the food you ate during the trip sounds heavenly. Knowing Chris, I'm sure you ate at all the best places!

SueAnn said...

How fun! Happy Anniversary! It looks like a very enjoyable trip...lucky you!!

Malik and Melissa Marx Hamilton said...

What a small world.... I was roommates with Nicki my first year at USU (just before she and Ryan got married). It sounds like you guys had a blast. They would be a really fun couple to travel with.