Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gordon the Imp

You know things are getting a little crazy when you feel like your best hope is to pull out the parenting manual and start desperately searching for some clue as to how to control your two-year-old! I am at the end of my rope, so hopefully Dr. Latham has some very specific advice on what to do with a very adventurous, and recently very independent little guy.

Gordon is certainly my "spirited" child, and the past couple of weeks, he's taken "spirit" to the extreme. My mom and I were talking about him after a really crazy day today, and I do think that a lot of his acting out has to do with Thomas being gone all day at school and his little two-year-old mind trying to cope. Last year, Thomas was only gone for about 3 hours a day during kindergarten, and then they just spent the entire summer as each other's primary playmate. When we put it that way, I realize how difficult it must be for Gordon to be so lonely and it nearly breaks my heart. I just want to go in and cuddle with him!... But, it's so difficult to remember those feelings when he is pouring chocolate milk on his brother's head or baby powder all over the carpet downstairs, or screaming like a banshee because it's time to come inside.

Despite his tendency toward being a baby demon, he really is such a fun little kid! I found this video of him before the Aggie game-- I was trying to get him to sing, but he was kind of sleepy and just really giggly. I defy you to watch this without breaking a smile!

Okay, I am going to try to take a very deep breath, then go upstairs to kiss my little imp!


Marilyn said...

I would like a 5x7, thank you very much!!

becky ward said...

I have one just like it. The picture of Gordon is so adorable, and the video...priceless. What a cutie!

Elena said...

If his laugh doesn't make you smile then his cute hair surely will!

Todd said...

i feel your pain- i am thinking of writing a book about that pain, you can help- we better get started before they get too old and we forget,though.