Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A good year

Thank you! Thank you! for the great birthday wishes yesterday! I received more birthday greetings via phone and e-mails from dear friends and family, and I felt very loved!

I don't really think that 28 is old, but I couldn't help thinking today about my past ten years as an adult (although, I really don't think 18 is really adulthood-- maybe 21, or 28, for that matter-- I'm sure my 18-year-old self would strongly disagree) and wondering what the next ten years will hold for me.

As for the past, I feel, on the whole, pretty successful. There are, naturally, several areas of my life that I would like to improve, but overall, I feel good about where I am right now.

And for the future, I thought I'd turn to the horoscopes for some fun. I found this one online from the Kansas City Star:

You blaze a new trail this year. Your creativity and talents encourage new paths, perhaps to the same goal. Your ability to consume enormous amounts of work and ideas demonstrates your innate skills. Be careful when approaching avant-garde health ideas. Decisions made this year could bring forth a new you, physically. If you are single, only you can prevent yourself from meeting someone special. If you are attached, you’ll certainly approach life in a new manner.

I think my boss would love this, especially the part about my consuming enormous amounts of work! And I am trying to approach life in a new (maybe improved is a better word?) way by showing more love to the important people in my life, particularly to Chris and the boys. It's going to be a good year! ♥


becky ward said...

I love your positive outlook. You inspire me.

Elena said...

Cool forcast for your upcoming year. Go Elise!! Go blaze a new trail! :)