Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More summer fun! (Days 6-14)

Day 6-- June 8th:  Frisbee Fun

The reason I need to keep up with this 87 days of Summer thing more regularly than I have been is that the days all blur together and I forget what happens on the individual days.  On day 6, for example, I'm sure we did something besides play frisbee, but since I didn't take pictures, I no longer remember.  That's kind of sad.

But, I did take pictures of these two playing an impromptu game of frisbee while Chris and I got dinner going.  I'm constantly nagging Tom and Gordon to play together, work it out, include your brother, etc, so the fact that they decided to go outside and actually play together without parental prodding makes these pictures all the more priceless.  Plus, they look adorable.

Day 7-- June 9th:  Swimming

We had several stormy days during the first couple weeks in June, and this was one of them.  Luckily, we had buy-1-get-1-free tickets to the indoor Aquatic Center left over from Gordon's birthday party, so I took these boys swimming.  My kids are part fish and all three of them loved jumping around in the water.  I had quite the workout trying to hold onto little Neil-- he doesn't understand the concept of not being able to breathe while under water and tried to swim away from me every chance he could.  Little booger.  We were right to go swimming inside, though-- it hailed on us on our way home!

Day 8-- June 10th:  Backyard Yoga

I watched my sister Ann-Michelle's four children for three days during this week, and on Friday, it was finally warm enough to break out the pool.  The kids played outside for hours, ate lunch and had popsicles, then played some more.  I took a bunch of pictures, but this one is my favorite-- Tom leading his cousins in some yoga.  Namaste.

Day 9-- June 11th:  The Scottish Festival and Trilobites (pictures coming!)

We went to Utah to visit Grammuh and Grampuh, but like a moron, I forgot my camera.  Luckily, Gramm is a fabulous photographer and got all sorts of good ones from our day at Thanksgiving Point.  Some things I want to remember about our wonderful day:  Gordon falling in love with the bagpipe bands at the Scottish Festival (he informed us that he wants to play both the drums and the bagpipe when he grows up), tasty shortbread at one of the booths, the boys loving making trilobite molds just like a real paleontologist at the Museum of Ancient Life, and the huge and delicious sundaes at the little ice cream shop at Thanksgiving Point.  What a great day!

Day 10-- June 12th

Gordon got his face painted at the Scottish Festival and was so excited about it that he asked if he could paint his own face with watercolors after church on Sunday.  He's our own little Braveheart.

Day 11-- June 13th

The boys were invited to a friend's birthday party at a cool outdoor family fun park, and I took a picture of Tom climbing the rock wall with my phone.  It was cold and rainy (you can see how cloudy it is in the background), so we didn't get too spend too much time outside, but the boys still had a blast.  The Idaho Falls YMCA runs a rock climbing gym that I'm hoping to take the boys to sometime soon.  It seems like something we'd all enjoy.

Day 12-- June 14th

Another day where I'm not sure what we did.  All of my pictures are for digital scrapbooking stuff except this one of cute little Gordon.  Man, those eyelashes!  And sigh, that underbite...

Day 13-- June 15th:  Tee Ball

Gord is playing tee ball this summer with a fun group of boys in our area.  Most of them live within a few blocks or so, so every Monday and Wednesday, the boys have kind of a play date while the moms sit on the bleachers and visit.  It's really fun.  Go Yankees!

Day 14-- June 16th:  Sand Art

We watched my friend's son while she and her husband spent a weekend in New York (lucky ducks!!) and since it was another kind of gloomy day weather-wise, we decided to do some crafts.  After a fun filled lunch at the indoor playground at Arctic Circle (I had no idea they give you a free kid's cone when you stay for lunch-- sweet!), I took the boys to Wal-Mart and let them choose $10 worth of crafts.  After much deliberation (and me saying, "okay, it's time to choose" about twenty times), they finally decided on a sand art kit.  It was a little bit messy, but pretty fun, and the boys ended up with some cool art and father's day gifts.  Just what every dad wants!

Coming soon:  Fathers & Sons, more Tee Ball, the Backyard Science Fair, and more!  Summer is so fun!!

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vchamp1000 said...

Don't pressure your son to fix his underbite. I got mine fixed with surgery and I regret it. It changed my face in more bad ways than good. I honestly think I looked better with an underbite.