Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SLC Half Marathon & Utes Spring Scrimmage

I'll be perfectly honest: I am not one of those people who has a lifelong goal of running a marathon. Or a half marathon. Or really anything with -athon at the end. It's not that I'm not goal-oriented or driven in any way, I'm just not really driven to run. I think it's high time that I admit this to myself, and I'm recording it here so that the next time I'm tempted to sign up for 13.1 miles of torture, I'll remember how I really feel.

Okay, okay, I'm making it sound much worse than it actually was. Even though it's Wednesday I am still in a little bit of pain from my run on Saturday (I think it's achilles tendonitis), it did feel really good to cross that finish line, and I am proud that I can count "running a half marathon" as an accomplishment.

By the way, when I say "run", what I mean is "jog/walk". Just so we're clear.

Last Saturday, the 16th, my mom, our friend Heather, and I met in the lobby of the Sheraton at at bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed 5:45 am along with our friend Sarah and her sister who ran the 5K. We took the TRAX train up to the University of Utah where we joined 8000+ people for the Salt Lake City Marathon/ Half Marathon. The energy at the starting line was palpable, and it was really fun to take part in such a big event.

My mom broke her arm in a skiing accident a couple of months ago and just got her cast off last week, so we agreed to take it easy. This was also my first (and probably last) half marathon-- the greatest distance I'd run until Saturday was a 10K back in November '07. Needless to say, I was glad to have a partner in taking it slow!

I actually felt really good (not fast, but good) through mile 10-- so good, in fact, that I took a little picture of the mile marker and thought, "hey! Only 3 more miles! I can do this!" I'm pretty sure those were my thoughts about 10 seconds before I completely hit a wall. Those last three miles felt like another ten! After what seemed like an eternity of robotic slow-jog motion, I finally reached the finish line, finally crossed it, and finally got my little medal that proves that I did it. Yay! Whew!

I'm purposely not sharing my time-- if you've run a half marathon, you'll laugh, and if you haven't, it won't mean anything to you anyway. Let's just say that slow and steady will probably not win the race, but it does finish. Eventually. :)

After the race was over and I had guzzled two little chugs of chocolate milk, we hurried back to the hotel so I could shower and meet up with my boys for our traditional Utah Spring Scrimmage day.

We met Gramm & Gramp at Hire's, then went up to Rice Eccles Stadium to watch next season's Utes. I didn't watch a lot of football because I was busy watching these little stinks:

Grammuh let Gordon use her camera-- brave!!-- and he was so excited to take pictures of the players.

After the game, Tom and Chris went down on the field (Neil was asleep in my arms, I was too sore to move, and Gordon was in trouble) and had fun seeing the field up close.

We visited Chris' grandpa that afternoon, but I was with a sleeping Neil in the car most of the time and didn't get any pictures. I'm hoping Gramm will pass some along!


Becca said...

Hurrah! Yo go, girl! I did the 5K in SLC last year during the big marathon/half, and couldn't believe how many people were packed into Gateway--there was a lot of energy.

I'm sorry about the last three miles. Ugh! But I'm MORE sorry that you didn't get to relax in a hotel by yourself afterward. I can't believe you "hurried and got ready" for anything else that day. If there is a next time, make sure you schedule yourself some long hot baths and long comfy naps!

Elena said...

I am SO impressed! I still can't even do the stupid 5K. My good friend just ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. I watched the lived feed online and TOTALLY felt like I was there running with her. Except that I was sitting on my butt, in my robe, eating a cookie. You runners are my heroes!

becky ward said...

elise, i had NO IDEA you had this up your sleeve! way to go. someday i dream of doing a 10k...but probably never a half-marathon. i'm proud of you. and i miss you! i think about calling you nearly every day and then the day is gone. boo! i guess i can always count on book club. (;