Wednesday, February 23, 2011

President's Grandparents' Day

Hooray for President's Day-- a little 3-day weekend right in the middle of February is just what we needed! And better yet, we had two fun visitors!

Chris's other siblings all live in pretty large metropolitan areas where there are lots and lots of fun things to do on any given day. Although we love our hometown, we realized that Idaho Falls doesn't have a lot to offer on winter days-- especially federal holidays. The two museums in town were closed and it was too cold to venture out into the great outdoors, so the entertainment options were scarce.

Luckily, Grammuh and Grampuh are happy just to hang out with us and the kids were thrilled that their hotel had a pool. The boys had a great time swimming-- and I had fun sitting on the sidelines taking a few pictures.

After a tasty lunch, we took Gramm and Gramp to Sarah's Candy Cottage for a fun sample session. We loaded up on truffles and licorice, while the boys picked Lego candy and golf-ball-sized jawbreakers. My favorites are the sea salt caramels-- yum!

We enjoyed a quiet afternoon playing Wii and Carcassonne, eating some of Grammuh's sugar cookies (as if we didn't have enough sugar in our systems), and visiting. We loved having Grandparents' Day and hope they'll come again soon-- maybe when it warms up a little bit!

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