Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy belated Valentine's Day!  We didn't do much-- Chris took the boys to Sarah's Candy Cottage where, out of all of the delicious candies to choose from, Gordon and Tom chose candy buttons.  Gross.

Chris and I did have a very fun pre-Valentine's Day weekend-- we ate A LOT, which is our favorite activity-- and spent some quality time together and with my newlywed brother and sister-in-law.  I think I gained about four pounds over the weekend, so I'm trying to dedicate this week to losing that.  Hmph.

I am in a very good mood this evening for two reasons:  1) our taxes are finished and we're getting a refund.  Hooray!  Even if you are expecting a refund, which we were, there is always a certain amount of anxiety that comes with tax preparation.  I've been thinking/stressing about it for a couple of weeks now, and after a kind of brutal three hours today, I can push taxes out of my brain for another year.  Another hooray!  2)  Today we had a tiny taste of spring here in the frozen tundra that is Idaho.  Now, I'm not saying that winter is over-- the snow has not relinquished its grip on our lawns or roads, we're all still wearing coats and hats, and I could still see my breath when I stepped outside.  Despite all of this, that painfully icy bite is gone from the air, and I could smile outside without hurting my teeth.  Ahhh.  Spring.  Soon.

Usually people post their most adorable pictures of their children on their blogs.  I don't have any of those ones to share today.  While I do think that my boys are darling, especially when they are really smiling, I'm pretty sure Tom could win some kind of ugly photo contest with this face.  Scary.

He thinks he's so funny.


Heidi said...

I can't wait to show these pictures to my kids!

becky ward said...

i've been missing out with these posts! sorry, i had no idea you changed your address. your blog looks beautiful. maybe someday you can show me how you stream line all of this. i love it!

Becca said...

I didn't want to see the purple underside of his tongue . . .

I like that cute picture of you and Chris. And can I say again how much I love it that you are doing this "Hansen blog"? I missed you.