Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Oh summer, leaving so soon?

I just returned from back-to-school night, where I met the two fabulous women who will be spending a lot of time with my two fabulous boys for the next nine months.  We've been lucky thus far with our great schools and great teachers, and I'm feeling very grateful that my children are being taught and cared for so well.  I'm excited for their new adventures in learning!

I'm pretty sure that I say this every time I post, but life is just so busy!  I find myself worrying frequently about overdoing it with the lessons, sports, scouts, activities and whatever else it is that finds its way onto my packed-to-the-gills calendar.  Then, of course, I worry that I'm not giving my kids enough opportunity to discover talents, meet friends, and have fun.  I'm sure it's a classic double-edged sword of worry that most parents deal with.  For now, I'm letting them do the things they want to do, pushing them a little bit, and trying hard to relax as much as possible.

Life is good.  Busy, of course, but good.

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Becca said...

How I have missed you! I never linked to your new blog, and so have thought that you had posted "3 months ago" for a long time. Love the layout and the dot com!