Monday, May 18, 2009

It's good to be Four

Our spunky little Gor-Gor turned a whopping four years old last week! We had a great day filled with all of Gordon's favorites. When I woke up early to get donuts for breakfast, I was greeted by a grinning little guy who exclaimed, "Today is my birthday!" with so much joy that it made me wish I felt the same way about my own birthdays!

I took Gordon with me to the store and when he announced his special news to the people at the bakery, they told him that the head baker was also celebrating his birthday and they invited Gordon behind the counter for a donut. He was thrilled!

Gordon opened his presents before Tom went to school and I went to work. He really cleaned house this year, starting with an awesome Playmobil plane from my in-laws and his requested Animusic from my parents. Even in opening presents, Gordon has never lacked for GUSTO!

One of his gifts from us was our family in Playmobil-- my favorite is Playmobil Neil. So cute! And yeah, Tom and Gordon are a bit tall. :)

Gordon is the funniest, most enthusiastic kiddo I've ever known. I love watching him turn into such a great young man and I'm so proud of him! Happy Birthday Gordy Roo!

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The Bell Family said...

Check out playmobile mom! what a hottie! I love it!