Friday, January 16, 2009

Utes, Gums & Boys

Hey, did you know that we cheer for the Utah Utes around here? :)

For Christmas, my mom made the boys these adorable and cuddly fleece pajamas. Her sewing skills are fantastic, and she was so proud of finding the perfect material. As you can see, we have three very thrilled little Ute fans.

Neil's baby bag is my favorite. I love baby bags anyway, but this one is especially long and cozy. Mmm, makes me want to go and snuggle him right this instant!

On Sunday, I took a bunch of pictures of the boys in their cute clothes from Christmas. I'm not a professional photographer or anything, but I needed to update our picture frames and we we're not planning to get any pro pictures until the Spring. So, it was up to me. I took about 50 pictures, and ended up with pretty good ones of each boy. I'm ordering some for grandparents, then I'll post them here.

This one of Thomas is not the one we're making into prints, but I think it's so cute. I'm not sure where he came up with the pose.

This week has been busy in a comical sort of way. I went to the dentist, where the hygienist apparently has it out for my gums. I'm considering writing to the military with a new torture suggestion: death by flossing. Luckily, I don't have cavities. I do, however, have high cholesterol, which was confirmed by my doctor this week. Yay, I'm not even 30 and already I feel like an old lady!

At least my kiddies are cute, right?

Neilly's hair is always good for entertainment. I can't bring myself to cut it just yet.

And finally, my Gor Gor. Life would certainly be a lot less interesting without him around!


Becca said...

I think I said it in my last comment, but, hello! Babe! Elise, you have such a radiant smile and you look so dernblame cute. Love the new profile, by the way.

The piano pose is so seven-year-old, and the picture of you and Gordon: precious. Neil's hair: keep it forever.

PS- I don't have any cavities, either. I mean, I've never had a single one. Hahahahahaha!

Christy said...

I seriously love the Ute pj's!

And I am the queen of cavities...probably not a good thing.

Monica said...

The boys are darling in their matching outfits. By the way I love your new hair cut you look so good with it that way.

Elena said...

Death by flossing....not a good way to go! LOL! Seriously WHY do they have to hurt you so bad when they do it? I have had nice flossers, I know it's possible. So now, I'm not quiet about it, if I feel like I'm in the torture chair I tell them. There is no reason they can't do it gently. got me going there! LOL! And your babies are all adorable in the cute U jammies.

Esther Ogden said...

Neil is getting so big! Ahhh! Hey, I love your brother's dance video...that was awesome! =)

shannon said...

oh, i totally love Neil's's fabulous! and good thing you didn't have any cavities - i'm terrified to go to the dentist for fear that i'll have some!

Sherrie said...

Um, don't cut Neil's hair for a bit longer please. This inversion keeps me in constant want for something to smile about, and his hair does the trick!

The Tanner Family said...

This is Joshua Tanner, the one you contacted and was in the AP article. Just letting you know that I now have a job here in Las Vegas doing the same thing I was doing before. I was looking at your blog and just wanted you to know the THE UTES ROCK. and LOVE the PJ's.

Marilyn said...

I can beat your floss story - day before yesterday I inadvertently swallowed a crown while eating gummy cinnamon hearts. Then yesterday, I spent 3 hours in the dentist's chair. (I sound like Brian Regan - "Me...Me...MEEEEEE!)