Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome to March

As you can see, I decided to go with a mostly green theme for the blog. This is actually a decent (but prettier) representation of the color scheme in Logan right now. Everything is starting to melt (hooray!!), but I definitely wouldn't say that anything is bright green. The brown seems to work. So, look to April for a full blown Spring theme! Maybe I'll even do it in time for Easter weekend, though I'm not making any promises.

So, what have we been up to lately? Well, we spent a lovely quiet weekend at home, during which I accomplished very little. I did manage to go grocery shopping by myself, which is always a difficult thing to schedule. I am not a big fan of the grocery store, but I braved the crowds and the snow (boo, but just a little), and went. My family is happy that we now have food in our house! Chris also took Thomas to his second-to-last basketball game and made a trip to the thrift store with a load of our donations. It always feels good to get rid of stuff.

Also on Saturday, I made it official: we are definitely going to Panama for Spring Break! Not that I didn't think it was going to happen, but now that we've actually purchased our tickets, it seems a lot more real. We'll be meeting my grandparents in Bocas del Toro, islands off the Eastern coast of Panama. I'm excited for sunshine, ocean water, and the chance to use our snorkel gear again!

The boys have been little sillies lately. I may have mentioned this before, but Thomas has been "in love" with the same little girl since kindergarten. I'm not sure what it is that he is so crazy about, but he is quite consistent. The other day, I found a note that he had written to her:

To: Molly
From: Thomas

I love you and I want you to be my friend. I know I am a BOY! But please be my friend.

Mark down Yes or No

Say YES! Say Yes! SAY YES!!!

And yes, he really did put three excalamation points after the last 'say yes'-- he takes after his mother.

Today he brought home his school's little newspaper and Molly's picture and a quote were in one of the sections (What is your favorite word? Her answer "Molly!") Thomas said, "I am going to keep looking at this picture for a really, really long time. Maybe forever." Ah, (really) young love.

Gordon is busy just being his little rambunctious self. Tonight while we were saying bedtime prayers, Gord was horsing around and ended up head-butting me. It hurt so bad! I yelped in pain and was apparently convincing enough to bring both boys to full-blown tears in concern for me. It was sad, but also sweet to know how much they care about me. Gordon was especially upset, maybe feeling a little remorse for causing the pain in the first place. Little stink bug! Afterward, Thomas prayed that my head would get better soon. And it has.

Finally, on Sunday morning, the boys woke up at their usual hour, while Chris and I preferred to stay in bed for a while (blessed be 11:00 church!). Fortunately, the boys played very nicely together and were so excited to show us their little project when we got up. They are really into making different scenerios with their cars lately-- parking lots, traffic jams, really long and windy "choo-choo trains". This time, they sorted them by size, color, and other characteristics, then named their groups. Tom insisted that not only do I take a video of the occasion, but that it also be placed on the blog. Hilarious.

This kind of activity denotes mathematical genius, right?


Elena said...

FUn! Can't wait to see the pics from Panama. Didn't you just love to sort things when you were little too? That video was so sweet.

natalie said...

Hello again! DeArton...that's the name! It's so hard for me to remember names that I've only seen in Russian, but I remember faces very well. We've been here on Sakhalin island for two years for my husband's employment with a big oil company. He's a finance manager. I joked with your brother that we would both be heading home at about the same time, but, sadly, it looks like we will be here for several more months. *SOB* He knows what I mean! Thanks so much for responding!

Caitlan said...

Hahahah I have to say- this post threw me off a little bit. I mean, I knew Thomas was smart and in first grade, which is when I can recall my first crush- but man! Haha I love the love note, and I don't think that even now I'd have the mental capacity to categorize toy cars like that. Haha United States ones :)

Marilyn said...

I'm glad you are going to Panama, too, because the boys will be MINE!! They can organize my closets while they're here!

Sherrie said...

Omnishooters? We made it in our minds? Dalton once said that imagination was the best game at our looks like you have that same game. I'm glad your head is feeling better.

Emily said...

Awesome about Panama... I am DREAMING about the day we get to travel again... as soon as we rack up a few points. We have plans for Alaska in the summer.

Ann-Michelle said...

i love how tom says 'the train goes right here', then gordon puts it right there right away! what smart little brothers!

Holly said...

Shane and I were dying last night reading Thomas' love note. How could Molly resist?

Marilyn said...

Is Molly a redhead? Just father, like son?

Justin and Amber Manwaring said...

Your boys are too cute. I love that Thomas is in love with a girl. It's very reassuring. We've been a little worried about Anna and a crush she's had all year. You never know who your posts are going to help.

becky ward said...

what original sorting and naming. what two little cuties! and i love their pjs!

Christy said...

Oh, you have one love-sick child, that's for sure!

I'm loving the new blog look. It's not too St. Patrick's Day, and it's not too spring, either. It's just the right combination.

Becca said...

Of course he's in love with a Molly.

Cute video. It's actually a little Twilight Zone how much our boys are alike.