Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google Picture Post!

A while ago, Elena did this fun post that I have been meaning to copy. I've been quite sick this week and am just now feeling a little better, even though I still have to carry a box of kleenex around with me. I'm blaming the nursery at church, where I swear Gordon picks up every known disease and brings it home to share. We did keep him home this week in the hopes that we'll all get a chance to heal. I'm considering making him cary his own Purel around his neck.

Anyhoo, today it was back to work for me, and even though I'm still sniffly, it was nice to give my blue snowflake jammies a break.

So, on to the post! Here are the rules: You have to answer the questions with a Google image search. NO using your own pictures. Even on the picture of you. Let's see what happens.

Favorite Color:

I actually don't have a favorite color, I like so many of them. I actually can't think of a color I don't like in one context or another. But, lately I've been drawn to a lot of chocolate browns and orange. And black is a timeless (and slimming!) stand-by.

Favorite Animal:

Hammy. He's so funny and HE's A CARTOON!!! It's not that I don't like animals-- I do. In fact, Chris will tell you that I am constantly mentioning reasons why a dog would be a good thing for our family. I don't like cleaning up after messy animals, though, and I don't like smelly ones, or animals that scratch, bite, excessively sniff, lick, or make noise. So far, a cartoon animal seems to be my best bet.

Side Note: Right now my kids are watching "Over the Hedge", and I have to say that Thomas Hayden Church has one of the most hilarious voices ever.

Bad Habit:

Biting my nails. Although, I have to say, right now they are looking awesome. See, some bad habits can be worked on!

Favorite Food:

Can you pick just one? Yeah, neither can I. But I'll tell you what sounds good right now: tempura vegetables, Cracker Jacks, and maybe some cornbread.

Favorite Hobby:
You know this one...

Place I live:

Favorite Song:

My job:

Favorite Author:

I ♥ Elizabeth Berg!

Favorite Dessert:
Seriously, people, just one? Hardy har har... I've never been a one dessert kinda gal. I'll narrow it down to two:

Creme Brulee

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

YUM. The first person to get me one of these desserts wins!

Picture of ME:
This is Elise Konstantin-Hansen, circa 1893...

I haven't tagged anyone in a good while, but my Mother hasn't blogged in a good while either, so this one's for her. Oh, and Caitlan, because she is a lover of all things Tag. You're it, ladies! This is a fun one, so if you feel inclined, consider yourself tagged!


Emily said...

Elise, that is a sexy picture of you. ;)

becky ward said...

great portrait. and anything vanilla bean is so enjoyable. this is getting me really excited for your visit to idaho falls this month!

becky ward said...

ps glad you are feeling a little bit better.

Emily said...

That was cute! I made some tempura veggies last weekend. Mmmm. The only problem was we didn't have donburi sauce. I wonder if Kyoto would sell me some...

Elena said...

How sad is it that I have never had tempura veggies before?! I just know I would love them. And what a cool pic of yourself. Thanks for doing this, it was fun to see.

Christy said...

I LOVE this tag! I'm sooo doing it.

Caitlan said...

Woohoo this is a cool one! I do love tags, it's true. Haha I want to do them more than I want to do homework... alas.

Becca said...

Strange cravings for food? Hmmmm . . .