Sunday, September 04, 2011


The first week of school has passed and it's official:  the boys love it!  The homework hasn't been too much (so far) and Tom has a class full of old friends while Gord is busier than ever making new ones.  They wore shorts every day last week which makes the transition from summertime to school time a little easier.  Here they are on the first day...

When asked what his favorite parts of his school day are, Gordon replied, "lunch and recess."  No surprise there, although he is a very good student.  Tom enjoys writing and decided to bring home his journal with the first week's entry, titled "Ten Years from Today." 

"Anything could happen ten years from today!  Flying cars, mutated animals, and probably some new restraunts!  Nobody really knows if those things will exist in ten years.  All I know is that I'll be twenty years old!  I'll also be an inventor!  First I got to go to college.  Wait, college is an estimated ten years from now!  Perfecto!  What kind of college, you ask?  I know I live in Idaho at the moment, but I'm going to Utah Utes College.  I'm going to live in Utah, too!  Go ahead.  Boo all you want."  (Okay, so a couple of small spelling/grammar issues, but isn't that cursive lovely?)
I know it's a proud mom thing, but I am completely in love with Tom's writing!  It just cracks me up!  I love all of the exclamation points (I wonder where he gets that?) and his little defensive strike against any Utah naysayers.  I think I should make him journal every day.  

At home, our cherry tomatoes are ripening and I am loving going out for mini harvests every day.  I'm trying to perfect a sweet balsamic vinaigrette (hint, hint Nonny & Debra!) to dip them in.  They're as delicious as they are lovely and even though we have so many, they don't last long. 

Chris and I were in Teton National Park, one of our favorite places on Earth, with the Crawfords, some of our favorite people, to celebrate our anniversary last weekend.  It was the perfect little get-away, and the perfect way to relax a little bit before jumping into the madness that is back-to-school. 

Lucky for us, we get a Labor Day break and we're going back to the Tetons tomorrow, this time with the boys.  Can't wait!


Sherrie said...

I do love Tom's cursive! He will be a writer for sure one day.

We really enjoyed the Tetons with you too, thanks so much for letting us tag along and sharing your yummy snacks.

I'm trying to be only a little jealous of your harvest... mmmm.

Emily said...

awesome journal entry from Tom. Go ahead, boo all you want. Hardy har! Can't wait to see you guys! We'll talk sometime to see when I could come up with the kids to spend a night!