Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love this art by James Christensen-- it's called "The Responsible Woman."  My mom had a print of this piece when I was growing up, and I remember thinking that I wanted to be the woman in the painting.  I love the way she is carrying so much, yet she doesn't look tired or frustrated, but just carries on with her head held high.  And I love that, even with all of her heavy load, she still thought to wear red shoes.

I'm imagining what The Responsible Woman would look like if she were me-- cut off all of that hair, subtract the dog, add a computer, some balls and Legos, and two more boys (I imagine Gordon would be trying to swan dive off of my backside)-- I don't know if I keep up the steadfast look as well as this woman does, though.  My picture would probably have me gritting my teeth, just trying to get through the day. 

I've decided that I'm tired of whining about how busy I am-- it's nothing new to most of my readers, who are also extremely busy!  If you're like me, there are so many things you want to do in a day, and you tend to get discouraged if you don't get to everything.  I'm trying to rid myself of that discouragement, though, and just try to be happy with what I did do-- and look forward to tomorrow.   

I'm working on delegating some of those extra things-- I "hired" two fabulous people from my Creative Team, Heidi and Debbie, who will help me with some of the promotional and administrative work in my digital design business.  You might have noticed Heidi's Sneak Peek earlier today-- she's doing a great job already! 

I'm also delegating some housekeeping duties to Tom and Gordon with a job chart.  Their rooms get ridiculously messy in such a short time-- and it's time to crack down on that little problem! 

And finally, I'm delegating my guilt, harried-ness, and general whininess to anyone who wants to take them.  :)  Wish me luck!


becky ward said...

i wish you the best! balancing is an art...that's for sure! and i think you do a fine job, but hooray for more help. maybe we can do that dessert thing now. (;

Kimberlina said...

And now I want this print since she is obviously wearing her baby! Hee hee. I love it!