Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Gordon!

On Saturday, my little Gordon turned five! It's hard to believe my funny little boy is growing up so quickly. Gordon is a darling little devil and he really does add so much joy and energy to our everyday lives. Here are five favorite things about Gord:

1. Everything Gordon does is done with gusto and enthusiasm! Even his fits are full-blown, which is super fun for his parents. It's fun to be around Gordon because his energy is so contagious.
2. Gordon gives the best, most heartwarming hugs. He is completely in the hugging moment, so you really feel like he means to give you all of his love.
3. Gordon is a clever little thing. He has an uncanny memory, especially when it comes to promises about treats!
4. Gordon loves holidays-- especially Halloween. We probably have a conversation about which holiday is coming up next and what we'll be doing on that day at least once a week.
5. We're starting to see some musical talent emerge from Gord. He loves to play the piano and sing-- my very favorite is to catch him singing when he doesn't realize that I'm listening!

I love my little Snuggle Puppy and I'm so glad he's mine! Happy Birthday, Gordon!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Gordon!

We are going to be in Idaho in 9 days... hoping we can see you guys. I'll give you a call when we are there and maybe we can meet up!

becky ward said...

happy birthday gordon! my boys sure loved his party. thanks for inviting us.

Marilyn said...

You are oh-so right about the hug thing. He's a Hansen hugger for sure!!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

I remember when Gordon was born-Andy and I were in Hawaii. I can't believe it has been five years since then. I love your five favs about him. Hopefully we can get the cousins together this summer!

Emily said...

That's cute about him singing! I hope I get a singing child. Abby and Hunter seem to like to sing so far...