Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Site-- The Hybrid Chick!

I started out as a paper scrapper-- I even used some {gulp} Crayola markers on my first pages! Since then, my style has definitely evolved and I've fallen in love with crisp cardstock, funky homemade papers, stamps, stickers, and fancy markers that I won't let my kids go near. And, of course, I really fell in love with digi.

Unlike some digi girls, I can't get rid of my paper stuff. I love getting my hands dirty (sometimes literally!) way too much! So, imagine the thrill when I discovered HYBRID scrapping-- it's a mix of the best of the tangible paper and awesome (and reusable!) world of digital!

The Digichick has an AMAZING new site-- The Hybrid Chick where the incredible talented girls share ideas, tips, tricks and goodies! Check it out!

And since I'm into prizes lately, leave a comment here telling me what you love about The Hybrid Chick, and I'll have a perfectly printable prize just for you! ;)


Something Wilde said...

Love this site - I just found it the other day and have several projects in mind now!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

I love The Hybrid Chick because I am always in need of project ideas when my mojo is running low! I have been a paper crafter/scrapper for a long time and sometimes I just flat run out of ideas!!!

Thanks so much!