Friday, February 06, 2009

Top Ten

How about a top ten list to recap the last couple of weeks?

I LOVE (in no particular order... well, maybe chronological)...

1. Man Mecca. Or, more specifically, the recap of Man Mecca and the funny pictures that go with it. I have a sneaking suspicion that my dad really wanted to have six sons, either in place of or in addition to the one son and five daughters he did have. Lucky for him, my sisters and I are well on our way to making his dream a reality, and we've picked some pretty good ones for him. Twice a year, the men in my family get together for an outing affectionately named (by none other than Todd Flatland) "Man Mecca." Their January excursion this year took them to Salt Lake City, where they enjoyed a Temple session at Jordan River, a trip to Gilgal Gardens (creepity, creep creep), the Rodizio Grill, and finally, a hockey game. Good, good times. And funny, funny pictures.

2. Going to Idaho Falls with the little boys, hanging out with my mom and sisters, going to Target (why doesn't Logan have a Target? Why?), and eating a real live chocolate shake with Becky and Elena late at night. ♥ Oh, and cute Becky for mailing Neil's missing sock to me!

3. Cash Cab. I love Ben Bailey.

4. Spending a perfect Saturday with five Renfroes!

5. Thomas and Gordon in this picture...

6. My live-in comedian. Quotes:

"Mom, why do they call him 'Winnie the Pooh'? Like, 'Winnie the piece of Pooh'?"

"I broke this and I did it on purpose."

He was protesting having to leave the bookstore earlier today and finally yelled, "I DON'T LIKE YOU!" as I was dragging him out. Then, he spotted the candy bars at the checkout counter. "Can I get a treat?"
Elise: "No, you can't. You shouldn't say, 'I don't like you'."
Gordon: "Well you shouldn't listen!"

At least he's cute, right?

7. Boys who fall asleep in funny places.

9. My little half Ute-half Aggie. Chris took him to a Utah State Aggie basketball game this week and man, he had a great time. He got a new shirt and said today, "I'm going to wear this every day!"

He means every day except when the Utes play the Aggies, right?

10. A husband who sends me videos like this:

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.


Marilyn said...

Gordon just cracks me up! This morning he told me he is bringing me a present when you guys come next week. I said "Really? What is it?" "Hmmm..." he answered then followed with "Do you like baby dolls?"
He better come through!

becky ward said...

gordon...what a crack-up! glad your sock arrived okay. so fun to see you!

Elena said...

Oh my word, such funny stuff in this post. Neils' hair, Gordon, sleeping boys, and that Star Wars video..all so good. I love to see you updating this blog!!

MarShan said...

This will seem strange, but I am a librarian in the Ammon Stake. We found a nice set of scriptures with Russian handouts, and a picture that someone identified as Todd Freed who used to live on Ammon Road. The telephone has been disconnected. A Google search brought up this blog. If you know him, would you let him know where they are, and if he emails me, i will send them to him if he has moved out of the area. As there is not name on the scriptures, someone else could be carring a picture of him I suppose. Thanks for your help

SueAnn said...

Fun pictures! I was also frustrated by the fact that there is no Target in Logan when we lived there!!

Becca said...

This top ten thing is a great idea for playing "blog catch up."

And, though I laughed at the antics of your sweet, crazy-haired, narcoleptic offspring, that Star Wars video thing made me GUFFAW. Hans Solo?

Becca said...

PS: Whoa--you better get Todd Freed his scriptures back!